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[Day 1 - Daily Quiz] 30 facts

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by shetlandlover, Sep 25, 2013.

  1. shetlandlover

    shetlandlover PetForums VIP

    Dec 6, 2011
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    Welcome to day one of the daily quiz, today's question is....

    Write/Type 30 interesting facts about yourself,

    if you can't think of 30 do as many as you can. :)

    Its a great discussion too.
  2. Firedog

    Firedog PetForums VIP

    Oct 19, 2011
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    Can't think of even one at the moment.:(
  3. shetlandlover

    shetlandlover PetForums VIP

    Dec 6, 2011
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    I'll go first.

    1) I like watching the crime channel on tv.
    2) I don't like monkeys.
    3) I have never eaten peanut butter.
    4) My fave movie is the shining.
    5) My fave band is HIM.
    6) I have 3 tattoos and plan to get more.
    7) I am dyslexic.
    8) I've never been out of the country.
    9) I'd love to live in Scotland.
    10) I am half German.
    11) I have been married for a year next month. (been with him for 6 years)
    12) I have snakebites (matching piercings on my lip) and my nose pierced.
    13) I don't like beer or bitter.
    14) I don't like sea food.
    15) I am scared of lifts and planes.
    16) I am an atheist.
    17) I am pro-choice.
    18) I love cooking.
    19) I hate wasps.
    20) I once tried a jam and salad cream sandwich, ewwww.
    21) I am left handed.
    22) I have lived in Lancashire my whole life.
    23) I keep hedgehogs. (african pygmy)
    24) I like spinach.
    25) I am scared of the dentist.
    26) I sleep with a fan on at night even during winter.
    27) I like fruit cider and rose wine.
    28) I have never tried drugs.
    29) I love water.
    30) I nearly died from drowning when I was little.
  4. Hanwombat

    Hanwombat I ♥ dogs with eyebrows !!

    Sep 5, 2013
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    1. My name is Hannah
    2. I suffered from depression for years and used to think about suicide constantly. Now I have been anti-depressant free for two years :)
    3. I have a nose and lip piercing
    4. I currently have two tattoos - one on the inside of my upper right arm that is in memory of a Jackdaw I once had and the other is on my inner right lower arm and is the name of one of my other horses.
    5. I plan to get further tattoos for Bear, Io, and Roz (my previous horse who died)
    6. Though I am 25 I am not very 'lady or adult like' some people might suggest I look a little 'Emo'
    7. I have no fashion sense and tend to dress as a tom boy.
    8. I met my now fiance on a online Formula 1 forum 4 years ago.
    9. Since 2001 I have had over 15 guinea pigs
    10. I passed my driving test on the third attempt at the age of 23 :sleep:
    11. Both my parents were in the army and we spent 5 years in germany as a child.
    12. I have lived in Lancashire, Northamptonshire, Suffolk, Wiltshire and Cambridgeshire.
    13. I don't or never will want children. Fur babies all the way!
    14. I have six hermit crabs :)
    15. I am a hobbyist photographer, along with my partner, I enjoy long distance wildlife photography whereas he prefers macro photography for bugs etc.
    16. As a child I was in sewing class at school and managed to trip over whilst having a needle in my hand, which went straight through my finger.
    17. I had a hernia operation as a child.
    18. I have a crown as a front tooth due to playing fighting with my sister in the kitchen as children :rolleyes:
    19. I hate blood and needles so have never had a blood test - managed to avoid them.... for now!
    20. I love going to the gym and always feel fat even though deep down I know I'm not. I used to starve myself and even now on occasions I'll go through a stage of not eating much.
    21. I've been to a Lady Gaga and 30 Seconds to Mars concerts
    22. I am 5 ft 9
    23. I don't have many friends, due to moving so much over the years
    24. I enjoy shows such as The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones
    25. I hate chick flick films, much prefer action and sci-fi
    26. I can't stand blemishes on me such as spots, scratches, cuts etc, it really gets me down as I wish I was perfect :mellow:
    27. Tim Burton is my fave film director
    28. I can't swim
    29. I love to sing
    30. I am a OCD neat freak! I try to keep my house perfect and cannot stand clutter!
  5. canuckjill

    canuckjill PetForums VIP

    Jun 25, 2008
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    I will edit and add to this as I think...

    1) I'm a survivor of Leukemia and Malignant Melanoma
    currently in remission :D

    2) I'm a crusader for Justice even going to the main person at the Attorney Generals office when I believe Lawyers and Prosecutors aren't answering my questions/concerns

    3) I'm too easy going and take too much crap from people

    4) I love being a Mom and Grandma

    5) I am very proud of my Heritage (UK born and bred)

    6) I am very proud also of the country I now call home

    7) I vote at every election (I'm a citizen now)

    8) I'm tall at 6 ft

    9) I'm in my second marriage

    10) I'm also left handed

    11) I don't like housework only do it cause I don't like dirt

    12) I love Santa

    13) I love the true meaning of Christmas

    14) Sound of Music is one of my fav movies

    15) My fav show is NCIS I'm going to miss Ziva

    16) Dogs and Cats are my favorite pets

    17) I'm not fond of pet birds

    18) I love watching the Bald Eagle fly over my house I'm in his fight pattern

    19) I really do adore my hubby

    20) A big Pyrenees hug gives me a warm fuzzy feelin

    21) I hate my big feet (although I'd look silly with small ones)

    22) My favorite song is Time of your Life (Good Riddance) by Green Day

    23) close second is Boys in the Bright White Sports Car by Trooper, seen them a few times

    24) I love rock concerts 60s, 70s, 80s music

    25) A good ride on the Harley is therapeutic

    26) I do not like pooper scooping but do it anyway

    27) I enjoy a light beer with clamato juice

    28) my favorite shooter is Butter Ripple Schnapps

    29) my favorite past time other than PF is my critters

    30) I rarely use my dish washer do them by hand it has fond memories from when my mom was here
    #5 canuckjill, Sep 25, 2013
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2013
  6. Waterlily

    Waterlily Amused

    Apr 18, 2010
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    same :eek: ..,,
  7. bird

    bird PetForums VIP

    Apr 2, 2009
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    Err....shall see what I can come up with

    1, on my second marriage (I see the first one as a kind of trial, in more ways than one)
    2, my dearest daughters are actually my step children I have no two legged babies of my own
    3, I love history
    4, having done the family tree we are (with the odd exception) true north east stock
    5, I cried when I found out my lovely husband had booked us VIP tickets to see Robbie Williams last year at the O2 for my 50th birthday
    6, love films that make me think, cannot not watch horror films when its just gore for the sake of there has to be a proper story to it, loved the first Saw, hated the follow ups.
    7, love cooking and have 6 Xmas cakes to make in the next few weeks :eek:
    8, love eating what I've cooked
    9, very partial to a bottle of good wine/real ale/basically most alcohol :eek:

    Might think of a few more things in a bit.
  8. Valanita

    Valanita PetForums VIP

    Apr 13, 2010
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    I'll come back here later when I've thought of some really nice things to write about myself.:D
  9. Happy Paws2

    Happy Paws2 PetForums VIP

    Sep 13, 2008
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    Not in any order, just as I think of them.

    1. My name is Carol

    2. In November I'll have been 43 years

    3. I had a stoke last year

    4. I'm 6ft, tall for a female :D

    5. I would love to live in the South of France

    6. I like french red wine

    7. Love Dogs the bigger and hairy the better

    8. Love Elvis

    9. I love Strictly Come Dancing

    10. Favorite TV programme at the moment Downton Abbey

    11. I don't really like children

    12. I don't like traveling by ferry

    13. I'm not keen on cats

    14. I don't drink tea or coffee

    15. I'm very quick tempered

    16. I love 50's 60's and 70's music

    17. I can't drive

    18. I love cheese on toast

    19. I like knitting

    20. I don't read as much as I'd like

    21. I started to grey when I was 14 years old

    22. I love my own home made bread

    23. I hate shopping

    24. I don't like meeting new people

    25. I'd rather have dogs than people

    26. I wear glasses

    27. I hate tattoos

    28. I have pieced ears but that's as far as it goes, I hate body piecing

    29. It's only small but I love my garden

    30. I love grooming my dog
  10. redroses2106

    redroses2106 PetForums VIP

    Aug 21, 2011
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    happy paws - I started to grey when I was 16! I now have a white streak in my hair at the front lol, nobody believes me though :(
  11. lostbear

    lostbear Bear right at Newcastle . . .

    May 29, 2013
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    1 - I don't like monkeys either - nasty dirty vicious little buggers that are always doing sex to each other at the zoo so you were constantly covering the kids' eyes!

    2 - I have knocked myself out due to my own sheer stupidity 11 times, and been knocked out due to other people's actions 3 times (as far as I can remember - my brain has a lot of broken bits in it)

    3 - One of my being knocked out due to other people's actions was when I had my skull bounced off a sink in a nightclub toilet (Hot Rats in Sunderland), because some lass thought I was trying to pinch her mate's boyfriend. It turned out I was just wearing the same dress. (As the boyfriend thief, not the boyfriend haha). I came to with blood all over me, and a mouthful of broken teeth.

    4 - I am mildly dyslexic and have NO SENSE OF DIRECTION AT ALL! Trust me - I really don't.

    (Have to go out now - I'll do more later)
  12. Royoyo

    Royoyo PetForums VIP

    Feb 21, 2013
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    1) My name is Rhea
    2) Most of my family are from Ireland, Mum & Dad etc
    3) I was born in Manchester, UK
    4) I have only ever lived in one other place and that was Birmingham
    5) I am left handed
    6) I drive a red peugoet 206
    7) I have blonde hair
    8) I have freckles on my face (that I absolutely hate!)
    9) I have 4 tattoos
    10) I am very sarcastic irl, which seems to wind people up
    11) I have 2 brothers, one of my brothers is my half brother
    12) I have 1 niece
    13) I have a scar on my left leg that is about 5 inches long, from falling off a barbed wired fence when I was 10
    14) I was seriously born with 3 nipples :eek: but I had it removed when I was 11, it was a teeny tiny little nipple lol
    15) I have 32 teeth (all my own)
    16) Thai food or Sushi are my favourite foods
    17) I broke my wrist when I was 14 on a trampoline
    18) I also broke my big toe riding a push bike when I was about 16
    19) I like all types of music, bar classical
    20) I have OCD and I used to have anxiety and depression but all of those things seem to be under control now
    21) When I was 15 I didn't leave my house for a whole 2 months
    22) I am very quiet until I get to know someone
    23) My favourite film ever that I could watch over and over again is ''It's a wonderful life''
    24) I am 5ft 4''
    25) White wine is the most disgusting thing ever
    26) I have been to Brazil
    27) I eat Marmite every single day
    28) I have a dog & a cat
    29) Space scares me
    30) I can play Wonderwall by Oasis on the guitar but that's the only song I know.

    God that was hard! :eek:
  13. astro2011

    astro2011 PetForums VIP

    Dec 13, 2011
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    1. I'm Ashley
    2. I'm 23 years old
    3. I have no tattoos
    4. I suffer from schizophrenia
    5. I have one dog named Astro who's an Alaskan Malamute
    6. I met my OH online 5 years ago
    7. I'm engaged
    8. I own my own house
    9. I drive a Honda
    10. Stay in Scotland
    11. Only ever been to Spain and Dubai
    12. Scared of lifts
    13. I'm a tiny 5'2ft
    14. I'm a natural red head
    15. Fav tv programme the now is judge Judy and two and a half men
    16. I wear glasses
    17. Trying for a baby
    18. Love horror movies
    19. Love any current and old music
    20. Love shopping
    21. Used to have a budgie but it got out playing football with a dog
    22. My first pet was a goldfish
    23. I'd love to go to the Maldives
    24. I want to get married abroad
    25. I love ribs
    26. I have a few close friends
    27. I want popcorn
    28. I love coming on pf
    29. I'd love another dog
    30. I want to move to the beach
  14. missRV

    missRV PetForums VIP

    Nov 9, 2012
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    1. I have an addiction to discussion forums.
    2. I've been a vegetarian since I was 11, I'm now 27, I went through a phase of being a vegan whilst being a teenager.
    3. I've recently lost 6stone but still have a stone to lose.
    4. I'm a shoe size 8
    5. I'm 5ft9.5 which is a bit tall for a girl
    6. I can French plait hair with my eyes closed
    7. I'm also severely dyslexic
    8. I'm ambidextrous
    9. I love shopping
    10. My favourite foods are chocolate and cheese! Hence initially needing to lose 6st!
    11. I'm phobic of dead birds
    12. I drive a silver Honda
    13. I love dogs! I especially love long haired dogs
    14. I buy my dog a new collar every month
    15. I have an addiction to personalised stuff for my dog
    16. I've travelled as far as Australia and Caribbean but I've never been to America
    17. I'm the youngest of 4 children and the only girl
    18. My oldest brother is 23 years older than me
    19. I really need to wee so I'll continue posting this when I'm back!
  15. oliviarussian

    oliviarussian Meeoow!

    Sep 2, 2010
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    1. I used to be a punk in the 70s (still am at heart!)
    2. My favourite colour is Tiffany Turquoise
    3. I have 2 cats that rule my world
    4. My favourite place in the world is Havana, Cuba
    5. I currently have a crush on Idris Elba
    6. I'm self employed and work from home
    7. My favourite book is 'To Kill a Mockingbird'
    8. I'm originally from Suffolk but have lived in London for 30 years
    9. I drive a Mini
    10. I am a Apple Mac addict
    11. I design books
    12. I have recently swapped tobacco for e-cigarettes
    13. I have never played the lottery
    14. I hate 'fancy' tea
    15. I want to punch anyone who chews gum in front of me!
    16. I collect religious artifacts (although I'm a non believer)
    17. I have seen Marc Almond perform more times than I can possibly recall
    18. I am embarrassed my public displays of affection
    19. I have breakfast, dinner and tea (not breakfast, lunch and dinner)
    20. I guiltily watch Big Brother!
    21. Peonies make me feel glad to be alive
    22. I'm quite opinionated but non-confrontational
    23. I can make a good Mojito
    24. I hate shopping
    25. My favourite films are The Godfather (1&2)
    26. I'm fiercely proud of my roots
    27. I have a bacon sandwich most weekends
    29. I get very sentimental with anything to do with animals
    30. I am sometimes not be very comfortable in my own skin
    #15 oliviarussian, Sep 25, 2013
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2013
  16. Firedog

    Firedog PetForums VIP

    Oct 19, 2011
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    No 17, I'm so jealous right now.
  17. Meezey

    Meezey Slave to the Black & Tans and the Trundle Bugs.

    Jan 29, 2013
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    1. I feel fat
    2. I've put on a stone since I stopped smoking
    3. I've stopped smoking for nearly 8 months
    4. I've lived most of my life in Germany
    5. I used to train and work army guard dogs for a living
    6. I'm 40
    7. I have a vile temper which I can finally control
    8. I met the love of my life at 39
    9. I love my other half like nothing else on this earth
    10. I love dogs
    11. I love cats
    12. I hate flies
    13. I dislike peppers
    14. I hate peeling dirty potatoes, I NEVER buy them, and if I'm at Mum and she's brought them, either she cleans them for me, or she peels them
    15. I love reptiles but would never own them
    16. I love parrots but would never own one
    17. I love Rat's but wouldn't own them again
    18. I love ferrets but would own them again
    19. Most of my best friends are Rottweiler owners.
    20. I have one sister
    21. I am a bit of a petrol head and being with OH has made it worse.
    22. I love QI
    23. I used to drink A LOT but hardly ever do now, can't remember the last time I was drunk.
    24. I am quick to judge people and am rarely wrong
    25. I don't make friends easily I keep people at arms length
    26. I've been with same company 4 years and never been on a work night out or Christmas do.
    27. I could be a hermit
    28.I don't have or want kids
    29. I utterly love Rottweilers & Siamese
    30. I am going to get a Canadian Sphynx and another Rottweiler...
  18. DoodlesRule

    DoodlesRule PetForums VIP

    Jul 7, 2011
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    Good grief woman, would struggle with 30 facts but 30 interesting facts is nigh on impossible :eek: a few I can think of

    1. I had a fractured skull and blood clot behind my eye aged 9, I went over the handle bars of a friends bike and landed on my face

    2. I got a U (unclassified ie dire) in maths GCSE but ended up working in financial services

    3. I would have liked loads of children (dad is one of eleven and would have suited me) but only have one

    4. I have 7 nieces/nephews and 6 great nieces/nephews (my sister started very young lol)

    5. I used to work in an office where one ladies hubby was in the Average White Band and anothers wrote You To Me Are Everything and he also released the Stevie Wonder song Isn't She Lovely (cus Stevie Wonder wouldn't release it as a single so he did and I think it got to number 1 in the UK)

    6. I am colour blind and according to a thread on here only 1 in 255 women are

    7. One of my favourite books is Bird Song about the first world war

    8. I could drink a whole bottle of wine and not be sick!

    As you can tell by 8 am struggling now lol as that is shameful rather than interesting fact :D
  19. 5headh

    5headh PetForums VIP

    Oct 17, 2011
    Likes Received:
    1) I'm Hayley
    2) I'm 20 years old.
    3) I have borderline personality disorder and anxiety.
    4) I have 3 tattoos, 1 which I hate.
    5) I have a lurcher called Alfred and look after my mum and dads Staff Woody.
    6) I ride a motorbike and have done since 17.
    7) I currently dont work.
    8) I have struggled with self harm since the age of 12.
    9) I live in Northamptonshire.
    10) I have severe emetophobia.
    11) I'm scared of spiders.
    12) I hate travelling abroad.
    13) I would love to live in the Yorkshire moors.
    14) I have no qualifications other than GCSE's.
    15) I'm a tomboy and have no fashion sense.
    16) My hair looks like sumin from the 60's.
    17) I hate blue cheese.
    18) My favourite meal in fajitas/
    19) I'm single and loving it.
    20) I've ran out of facts :mellow:
  20. CRL

    CRL Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!

    Jan 3, 2012
    Likes Received:
    1. my name is Kelly Anne Rahman
    2. im 25
    3. im a virgo
    4. im a natural red head
    5. i have 1 brother and no sisters
    6. i have 1 nephew and a neice on the way
    7.i own 21 male rats
    8. i have owne 66 rats over 5 years
    9. my favourite colour is blue
    10. i have previously been on anti-depressents
    11. on my wedding day i felt no anxiety due to my tablets
    12. i have to day dream or talk to myself in my head before i can fall asleep
    13. i got married at 20 years old
    14. i love watching cooking programs even if i dislike the presenter
    15. i love reading fantasy books
    16. the only book ive ever been able to read from start to finish that wasnt fantasy was Pride and Prejudice
    17. the only tv shows i watch that are not cooking programs are Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Pretty Little Liars and 4400.
    18. i am a trained Learning Support Assistant
    19. my heart rat was called Eldunari. i got the name from a book and in the book the name means Heart of hearts. Eldunari was named this as he had a heart shaped marking on his chest. (Heart rats are rats you have a really strong connection with).
    20. i am dyslexic, but this wasnt found out until i went to college. my secondary school thought i was underachieving
    21. i got 3 c's, 2 d's and 4 e's at gcse
    22. my lowest score on an exam was a 8 out of 100 for a Sociology exam at A level. and my second was a 9 out of 100 for Psychology at A level.
    23. i wanted to become a police officer, but i couldnt join as i couldnt complete the fitness tests
    24. i have exercise induced asthma, stress related IBS, a balance problem, Random chest pains, Stress or tension headaches and a dodgy hip
    25. at the age of 6 i got a handle bar of a bike through the top part of my left leg. it was on my nans 70th birthday and they had to cancel the photographer and rearrange as i had to have surgery. i will have the scar till the day i die.
    26. ive contemplated suicide. while i was at school and being bullied because of my hair colour.
    27. i now work with one of my bullies. i feel alot better knowing even though i clean bottoms and she is admin that i get more money per hour than she does. (does that make me a bad person)
    28. i have never been in a physical fight
    29. my favourite subjects at school were art, p.e and maths
    30. i prefer older men. my husband is 10 years older than me. and all the celebs i fancy are atleast 18 years older than me.
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