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I tried to search for this but nothing came up. I am looking at some DAF raw (free delivery to me and a much better selection than other supplier I was looking at) for Quinn and Pixie. Even though Quinn has multiple intolerances and allergies, having spoken to many experienced raw feeders, he can still be healthy on a limited choice of meats as long as he gets the right offal.

I was wondering if anyone has the % of meat/bone/offal in the mixed mince packs?

Hopefully someone will know and I can spend far too much money on my dirty layabout hounds. Haha!

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Apparently "All meat comes frozen and bagged in easy to store packs. Each contains minced meat, bones and offal in the approximate ratio of 80% 10% 10%".

There was some discusson on here a while ago about how much liver was actually in their minces, and there were varying replies from DAF.

I emailed DAF with this question

Can you let me know what percentage of liver is in the minces I do use as I'd like to make sure I'm getting the balance correct:

Chicken and Tripe
and this is the reply I received:


The liver content for the products below ranges from 2% - 5% depending on what comes in on the carcass as we don’t add liver to the products as to much liver can give the dogs the runs, if any customer would like to add more liver for their needs we supply liver chunks to help, hope this helps

Lee Hornsby
Durham Animal Feeds
Tel: 01388 720411
Web: DAF Petfood
So they can't accurately tell you exactly what the percentages are as each carcass is different and each batch would be different, they can only guesstimate.

The easiest way to get the correct ratio is to not use their minces but to buy meat and add in the right amount of offal (and bone).

I do use some DAF minces - up to about half of Poppy's diet so she has a good variety - but the other half is made up of various chunks of meat and fish plus RMB. I work out how much food she needs over, say, 10 days, then work out the 10% offal (half being liver and half other offal). Because there is "some" offal in the minces, I don't give the the full 10%, I knock it down a bit, e.g. if she was due 70g of liver and 70g other offal in a 10 day period I would probably drop it down to 60g of each. If her poos were too soft then I'd know it was probably due to too much liver and then drop the amount of liver a bit more the next time she was due for it.

Poo watching is a good tool when raw feeding ;) :D.
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