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Cuddles..is it me or them?

Discussion in 'Small Animal Chat' started by RH9745, May 13, 2018.

  1. RH9745

    RH9745 PetForums Newbie

    May 13, 2018
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    Hi, I have two male fancy rattie brothers who are very closely bonded with each other, Mike and Sully - they play together and sleep together whenever they can (though are currently separated sometimes due to to a medical issue with Sully).

    The boys were pet shop rats who were VERY unsocialised at the beginning, not aggressive or anything like that but terrified of humans, hands and any sort of movement outside of the cage. I worked with them very slowly and on their own terms and they are now fairly sociable. They will take food from my hands, happily climb out of their cage into my leg to run to the couch with me or onto my bed. They climb up to the corners of the cage when I come home to say hello and honestly as a first time rat mum I'm so happy and proud of the progress they've made.

    They are now about 10mnths (pet shop babies, so not super specific unfortunately). When they come out to me, they are fairly happy to be touched, they don't really like being lifted too much but I can easily do it and have no fear of biting or anything like that, they are friendly! They will climb on me to explore me and other areas, will climb along my arms and shoulders to get treats and will let me gently stroke them whilst they munch. But they don't really engage in play with me and when they've been out the always head back to their cage to snuggle and sleep, or if their cage isn't accessible, to a corner of the couch away from me together.

    I am a first time owner and I would so like to be able to play/snuggle with them more, and get into their little world more. BUT I am also unsure if this is just their wee personalities which I would be totally fine with and we will keep having amazing times like we do now! Just wanted to check if there is anything else I should/could be doing for them to get our bond closer, or is this just their personalities and I need to take a chill?

    All advice welcome!

    Thanks! xx
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