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Cruciate or ilipsoas?

Discussion in 'Dog Health and Nutrition' started by Jo Coles, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. Jo Coles

    Jo Coles PetForums Newbie

    Aug 14, 2019
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    My girl had an ilipsoas strain about 3 years ago and also had very mild HD diagnosed at the time, a sibling also had HD diagnosed too but was very overweight, she's recently been lame again, her chiro diagnosed a sore quad, she's very tender pushing up into her pelvic area from the front of her leg , and a bit of swelling around her knee,, it is also slightly improving over time of just short walks and joint supplements. I took her to my vets this morning, and she thoroughly examined her, and suspects a partial cruciate, tho when she twisted and pulled her knee joint, my girl didn't show any indication of pain the way she does when I push into her pelvis. They want to do a knee xray tomorrow but I'm having doubts as to whether she is right, she is only lame for a few steps when she gets up then it walks off, and is slowly getting better over time, surely a tear would be painful all the while? Many thanks
  2. Twiggy

    Twiggy PetForums VIP

    Jun 24, 2010
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    Hmm not necessarily. My bitch had a partially torn cruciate and was intermittently lame. It ruptured totally at the beginning of November and she was operated on to repair it.
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