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Cross-posted from Classifieds in case someone going to the Supreme needs drapes but hasn't looked there

Pretty Lilac, Pink and Cream drapes with hand painted butterfly details.

It is pretty much a 'show in a bag' as it now also contains a lead crystal water or food bowl (nice heavy 70's white fire design so tough stuff ;) )

All you need is a litter tray and another food/water dish - oh and a cat!

Luxurious One of a Kind Hand Made Show Drapes

Perfect for TICA, the GCCF Supreme Show, Felis Britannica or Exhibition

'Butterfly Boudoir' - a lovely set in ivory, pink and lilac high quality satin with exquisite hand painted detail and machine embroidered finishing.

Luxurious hand made cat show drapes in high quality satin and hand painted with exclusive details to give them that special one of a kind touch. Complete with a catnip toy and our own 'faux poster' bed design these drapes will give a sense of style and class to any show pen. Perfect for even the fussiest kitty.

Consists of:

› reversible base mat with removable cover for washing - great for a quick clean up in case of accidents or just for a different colour way

› litter tray cover,

› inner drape - fully lined for extra weight and luxury

› front drapes with pelmet - also fully lined

› tie back - hand painted details

› exclusive ‘faux poster’ bed- simply suspend canopy from top of the pen - gives a feeling of security to more nervous cats. Bed top is super soft faux fur with foam and Extra Bounce pillow stuffing for supreme style and comfort.

› a catnip toy - extra strong catnip, a jingly mouse included for those not keen on catnip

› All curtain wires/hooks needed are included as standard

› NEW includes lead crystal food or water bowl

This delightful set is fully lined to give added weight and luxury with a high quality foam base to prevent bunching or folds.

Comes complete with cover and hanger with a unique fold-away design for easy storage when not in use. All items except toy and bed are machine washable (on a delicate cycle). (bed is sponge clean only unless support struts in canopy are removed and then it may be machine washed on delicate setting or hand washed)

Fits a 4ft x 2ft x 2ft Show Pen and comes complete with Curtain Wires

Free Courier Postage Including Insurance for peace of mind or Pay on Collection
Luxury Supreme Cat Show Drapes GCCF | eBay

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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