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cross-species fostering: dogs and wildlife: Any more stories?

Discussion in 'Dog Training and Behaviour' started by leashedForLife, May 10, 2010.

  1. leashedForLife

    Nov 1, 2009
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    Tommy e Sal, il cane che ha adottato il leopardo
    a male JRT on a private-reserve in South Africa has reared several big cats, including a F leopard who roams the property at large, coming into the house or jumping into the car when they are out on the property to come *home* for a visit.

    a Golden at the San-Diego Wild Animal Park, where much of their breeding of endangered species is done, was the companion
    for a captive cheetah; sadly for the cat, the Golden died first.

    a young lion who was bottle-reared after his mother tried to kill him, was befriended by an adult Akita - both were upset when the lions
    rapidly-increasing size and strength cut short their interactive relationship.

    *billy arjan singh* lives (lived?) in a preserve in India; his pariah dog, Eelie, was foster-mum and playmate for several big-cats:
    3 leopards and a tiger-cub, Tara. (billy was born in 1917, as was my mother; so if he still lives, he is past 90-YO.)
    The Tale Of Tara and Billy Arjan Singh
    like the leopards, Tara was eventually released -
    her freedom was the source of considerable controversy, as she was not *pure* Bengal - whoop-de-doo.
    :rolleyes: given the desperate state of tigers in India, who were not long ago MIS-COUNTED by a figure of 3 -
    thats one-third in reality what they THOUGHT they had, on paper -
    one mixed-species F tiger is the very least of the Bengals problems. :nonod:
    The Tale Of Tara and Billy Arjan Singh

    one of *billys* released-leopards was a F, and when flooding threatened her young kittens, she brought them *home* -
    a wee bit of a complication, as she brought them one by one to the household kitchen, and no-one was willing to cook
    around a possessive mother with 2-inch claws and 3-inch fangs. :p awkward, what? :huh:
    when the water went down, she carried the cubs to a moored canoe, and was rowed across by *billy*.
    personally, i think it was a massive compliment -
    if also a spanner in the household routine - to have an adult leopard think of her foster-home as the logical refuge for her infants.
    well-done, billy - and Eelie - :thumbup: U got it absolutely right, IMO - the cat said so. :thumbsup:

    for gorgeous pictures and the story of the leopard + her visiting litter, she the book the parrots lament -
    Amazon.com: The Parrot's Lament : And Other True Tales of Animal Intrigue, Intelligence, and Ingenuity (9780452280687): Eugene Linden: Books
    that BTW is a new-cover, showing *billy*, the cat-mum, and one cub in her teeth, in the canoe -
    when i bought it, it had (duh...) the parrot on the cover.

    anybody have a dog that has reared another species, domestic or wild?
    --- terry
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