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Crazy dog dream..

Discussion in 'Dog Chat' started by ebonyblack, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. ebonyblack

    ebonyblack PetForums Senior

    Sep 16, 2011
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    Think I may have worked out he meaning...

    Dream: decided that I was going to walk my friends dogs with ebony. One rottie and a collie cross. Decided to do this in the dark??!

    All walking fine, we turned a corner and there was a policeman and a dog it was a medium dog but a mix that I could not work out. He ran up to me and was snouting my leg didn't look like it was aggressive. Then the policeman approached with a gun! The dog was resting his nose on my leg. The policeman shouting that it was a dangerous dog. And started shooting ( six shots later) the policeman said I could open my eyes. Ebony, the rottie and collie where all okay...

    Had do idea why I dreamt this then I realised! ...this morning I went to a yoga class. One of the people who attends (I'm sorry I'm really bad with breeds) had a wolf husky dog tied up by the door. I've meet the dog before and he is lovely but he jumped on me to say hello and is massive. This didn't bother me ( I think he's still very young).

    The owner later tells the group that the dog is ruining his life, stating he can't do his work and that no one tells you how hard it's going to be when you get a dog. I held my tongue as I know I made damn sure I was as prepared as one could be when I got ebony, hence I got a small dog, a low energy (that's a joke but I think that's because she is still young) and daycare for when I am working. I get a lot of criticism from friends along the lines as "Sam she's just a dog" but sod em.

    I have no idea if this dog is neglected but I felt quite sad for it given the owners attitude and seriousness when he said its ruining his life.

    I've got a feeling that they are linked or I'm just some dog crazed lady! I would love to have a big dog at some point in my life. Dreams are odd sometimes :)
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