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AUSTRALIA - of course, where the ownership of testes makes one better than all those with wombs -
YouTube - Gay Dog Gets Owner Kicked Out Of Restaurant
waitress overhears G__ dog, (guide), *transforms it to GAY, immediate concern for fellow-diners?
for restaurant reputation?, for her (his?) own personal safety?, and she tells customer + dog to leave forthwith.

where do they breed these ppl? :blink:

even IF the dog *was gay* - who might he potentially victimize with his wicked, wanton wiles?
would the dog be demanding a ban on females? coming on to long-haul truckers? what?
maybe he only humps MENs legs?! :huh: what was she so bloody worried about?

the $1400 fine might be better spent on an educational-workshop for all the restaurant employees. :thumbsup:
about the rights of disabled persons, assistance, animals, etc. sheesh... Humans! :rolleyes:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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