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Computer problems!!!!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by claire, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. claire

    claire Guest

    Does anyone know much about computers? ive had this one 11months and the warrenty runs out in 3 weeks. it keeps turning off all the time sometimes after 10 mins and sometimes it stays on a few hours. we have got window xp and i rang zoostorm and they said its not a problem with the computer its windows, apparently windows is corrupt and making the comp shut down, anyone have and idea how to put this right? i thought the comp might be over heating but they said cos it turns back on straight away it cant be is this right? or are they just delaying cos the warrenty is up soon? ................thanks
  2. garryd

    garryd Guest

    you need to reload your operating system/windows back on! if your comp came with the discs to do this then your manual will tell you how to do this !If it didnt come with dics then you have to make them first then use them...ect ect ,again your manual will show you how to do this ,its not hard to do !
    Usually most people would reload an operating system a couple of times a year! this is usually done becuase of spyware or viruses that slow your comp down and can shut it down like yours is doing ! HOpe this helps ;)
  3. claire

    claire Guest

    thanks very much im always weary of being conned cos i dont know too much about computers other than they are often more trouble than they are worth
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