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We go to fun and companion shows with our lot and love them.... be warned they can be quite addictive!
I have always found that the best way is not to take it all too seriously and just have fun. Some people use them as a training ground for "real" open and champ shows, but if you just want a bit of fun enter the classes like prettiest bitch, waggiest tail, or most appealing eyes! You can do more serious pedigree classes too if you want to.
You just need to listen to the judge, watch everyone else and have fun with your dog.
Whatever the outcome, you are taking the best dog home with you and so long as you and your dog enjoy yourselves, it really doesn't matter if you go home without a rosette!
I am organising a fun show in Kent in July (see section on events!) if you want to travel that far!!!
Enjoy yourself whatever you do!
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