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Clicker training

Discussion in 'Cat Training and Behaviour' started by Elaine, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. Elaine

    Elaine PetForums Junior

    Dec 15, 2007
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    Is there any one on here who has a good knowledge of cat behaviour and clicker training? I am looking for some help to resolve some issues within the household concerning dominance.
    I have two cats, Eva (the Diva) is a little over 3 and a half years old, I have had her since the age of 6 weeks. She is a very strong willed cat and i love her very much for all aspects of her personality. Then I have Bernie, who is a rescue cat and aged, we think, just over 3 years old. He is very laid back and very affectionate.
    Before Bernie arrived, my old cat Winston was still with us, he was very old and had CRF, I divided my time between caring for him and trying to keep Eva stimulated with play, she is a funny cat and it is only recently she seems to have grasped the concept of play, so several years ago I began to clicker train her. She took to it very well, she comes when called, jumps up when I say and down when I say and on a rare ocassion she will give me a high five. I didnt want to turn her into a circus animal, I only wanted her to understand basic comands.
    Then Bernie came along, now that was a very long cat introduction because Eva was having none of it, anyway, 6 months went by and eventually they tolerated each other. They have become closer and closer but are not bosom buddies.
    Ok now to the real issue.
    Eva has always had issues with the litter box, she will urinate in it but not deficate. We have done all the usual stuff, experimented with different litters, different boxes, different locations, feliway sprays/diffusers, rescue remedy and a cat psycologist. I did not go down the root of caging and retraining her coz she is extremely easily stressed and I felt that this would only serve to do more harm than good. I even tried the clicker.
    This apears to be the latest pattern.
    Eva will poop on the carpet on my side of the bed and in the computer room, under my chair. We feel that these are markers for Bernie not to come near me. If Bernie jumps on my lap for a fuss, Eva will attack and he will move away from me imediately. She does allow Bernie onto the bed but only if he doesnt try to snyggle up to me. At bed time Eva lies ontop of my chest for a fuss.
    I do not shout or punnish my animals, I prefer to try to work out the pattern of behaviour in order to try to correct it.
    My dilema here is I am not sure where to start but feel that the clicker training may be useful if I can work out a plan of action.
    Sorry for the long post and thankyou in advance for any info/advice you can help me with.
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