Chinchilla has a bald patch on his nose

Discussion in 'Chinchillas' started by Rileytheman, Jul 16, 2017.

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    Hello, I have 2 12 week old baby boy Chinchilla's, I have recently in the last day or 2 noticed that one has gone slightly bald on one side of his nose. When I first saw it it was kind of bright and looked saw, the next day, (today) this morning it didn't look too bad but looked dry and had a small pin point scab on top. I have spoken to the place I brought them both from about 2 weeks ago and she seems to think he has ringworm/fungel infection. She gave me a spray treatment to use which I have already used twice on him already today. Since then I have made sure everything in their cage is cleaned with disinfectant and changed their floor to wood rather than shavings just in case it's an allergic reaction. I have also stripped and sprayed my entire room and Hoover as I have a dog too.

    I have uploaded a pic of the first day I saw it.

    And further information would really help as I'm really worried I or my dog or anyone else can catch it.

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    Definitely ringworm, easily treated by putting athletes foot powder in the dust bath and give daily. You can also apply directly to the area (wash your hands afterwards as it can be transmitted to you). It will often look worse before it gets better and can take 6+ weeks to be treated. Remove and throw away anything wooden as the spores can live in it, replace when they're better/when you see fur regrowth and disinfect again then too.