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Discussion in 'Charity Auctions' started by billyboysmammy, Nov 17, 2010.

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    I thought it would be a good idea to give you a rundown as to how the auctions will be run. I have changed a couple of things just to make them a little more simple for me to organise. There are over 50(ish) auctions to run, and so i need to make this as simple as possible.

    • Each item will have its own thread
    • auctions will begin on saturday and finish the following friday at 9pm
    • Starting bids for all items will be the minimum donation of £2
    • bids must go up in increments of £0.50p
    • you can bid as many times as you like
    • each bid must be higher than the previous posters
    • on friday at 9pm the bids will close, and the winners will be contacted by me


    • some items require extra postage (or have extra postage options),
    • The postage MUST be paid to the person who pledged the item, NOT THE DONATIONS PAGE
    • the amount for uk postage will be on the thread
    • If you are an international bidder please contact me for a postage price

    • Simply reply to the thread giving your bid amount
    • minimum starting bid is £2
    • Further bids can be in increments of no less than £0.50p
    • please ensure you bid is higher than the last posters
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    shes pretty cute but i am def not crushing on her or anything cause i have another girl in mind for that haha. i just want to know if i bid on her and won what it is that i have won like a date with the person or a just a couple hours/day with them? now i know it would be impossible for anyone to know this cause events vary but if you have ever attended or been in a people auction what were the rules can the girl refuse the bidder?and what does the bidder win per say.
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    This is a FANTASTIC idea!
    I'm co-ordinating my first fun dog show (for charity!) in Hazel Grove...just googling pet forums, new to all of this - could you recommend any other places I should post?
    Thank you! Andrea :thumbup:

    Fun Dog Show and Family Day
    Sat 4th August - 11am to 4pm
    Torkington Park, Hazel Grove, Stockport.
    Childrens rides and games, Fire Engine, Animals from Lower Moss Wood.
    Various stalls including Plants, Bric a Brac, Books, Crafts, Pet Goods, Face Painting, Toys and more.....
    Dog Show Classes: (1.50 per class)
    1. Best Puppy
    2. Best Veteran
    3. Best Long-Coated
    4. Best Short-Coated
    5. Handsomest Dog
    6. Prettiest Bitch
    7. Best Trick
    8. Dog/Bitch most like to take home
    9. Waggiest Tail
    10. Best Rescue Bitch
    All Group Winners Automatically Entered For..... Best In Show