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You know what happens when you have a refrigerator dedicated just to holding beer? Yes, you get a lot of jealous friends --- but, more importantly --- you end up drinking one too many cans of the stuff and before you know it, you've gone and done something careless, such as locking the family cat in said fridge!
Bill Nelson of Warrnambool, Australia, accidentally locked Maisy the cat in his beer fridge on Saturday night, reports the Baltimore Sun.

"I had the whole family over and went out to the shed to get a few beers from the fridge," Nelson told the local Standard. "I didn't think that much of it until the next morning when we couldn't find the cat."

Nelson's daughter, Melanie, 13, was distraught. They searched everywhere, even the shed, but no Maisy.

Then Nelson checked the fridge, carefully opening the door.

To his surprise, there was Maisy, sitting on the bottom shelf. She was not pleased. At all.

"What the heck took you so long?" Maisy hissed, as she walked stiffly past Nelson.

Still, Nelson insists Maisy is one lucky cat. "It might have been a week before I opened the fridge again," Nelson said.

(Really, a whole week without cracking open the beer fridge?)

Maisy is said to be plotting her revenge.
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Maisy the cat and Bill Nelson, owner of the beer fridge
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Maisy and her owner, Melanie Nelson, 13


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