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FURST I HAD NAP DEN I KILLD TEH MOUSE. KATNIP! Time Lapse photography of our kitty falling asleep on the couch for a bit, then waking up and giving her catnip covered mouse toy a thrashing (with real purrz!) My second budget HQ time lapse using my Olympus SP-500uz controlled by Cam2com via USB and Dougie's old tripod. The cats co-operation lasted 120min (unprecedented,) and I shot 963 images (approx 2 second interval [buffering...go figure.]) Image sequence rendered and exported to mpeg-4 with Quicktime pro. Camera settings were manual: Exp 1/20, F 3.5, ISO 100, Focus 7.4mm. I recorded the purr factory and trimmed it a little with Audacity. IM IN DA MOVIEZ? - Piglet the Cat.
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