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Cat Missing for 8 Days

Discussion in 'Lost and Found Cats' started by aussiecatlady, Nov 18, 2018.

  1. aussiecatlady

    aussiecatlady PetForums Newbie

    Nov 18, 2018
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    Hi, I'm in Australia, and my tabby cat Micky has been missing since Sat 10th Nov, and I'm absolutely sick with worry about him. I'm not sure how old he is because he was dumped at my place but I think he's about 12 to 18 months old. Unfortunately he's not desexed so most likely he's off chasing females. It's late spring in Australia now.

    I did have him locked in a cat enclosure for awhile but he used to howl & climb the wire and a neighbour complained about it. In 2012 that same neighbour reported me to the RSPCA because of my female cat Maggie who was howling a lot but the RSPCA didn't find anything wrong (Maggie had been desexed but she was howling because she missed me when I was in hospital).

    So I'd been allowing Micky out into my backyard during the day because he didn't wander anywhere (he's a bit of a scaredy cat) and then I'd lock him inside at night. But on 10th November, he must've run away from my yard in the late afternoon or early evening (sunset is about 8pm here at the moment).

    I thought he'd come back that night when he got hungry or perhaps the next day. But he hasn't been seen since and I'm beside myself with worry imagining all the worst scenarios. I live on a bit of a busy street so the thought he may have been hit by a car keeps playing on my mind.

    I've been walking the streets looking for him & calling, and I've contacted the local shelter & vet clinic. And posted on the local Lost & Found Pets Facebook group. I haven't done any flyers or posters but maybe I should. I feel so desperate that I even considered hiring an animal communicator (although many of them don't seem to handle lost pet cases).

    I'm just so worried about him and I feel extremely guilty that I hadn't as yet had him desexed or chipped. And that I allowed him out into my backyard during the daytime because he must've done a runner on me.

    My brother-in-law wondered if Micky might've been stolen because he has distinctive markings and someone may have fancied him (or wanted to use him for breeding).

    The reason I delayed getting him desexed was because in my Shire we're only allowed to have 2 cats (unless we're on a farm then we can have six). And I already had 2 female cats (both desexed & microchipped).

    Micky got dumped here back in March. I live next to a pet-friendly motel and one morning I could hear a cat crying out so I went outside & saw a kitten on my verandah roof. I thought he was stuck so I coaxed him down. Then one of the motel staff came out with a cat carrier and told me that the cat belonged to one of the motel guests who had gone out for the day.

    He thanked me for getting the cat down for him & I put the cat in the carrier and off he went. I thought that would be the last I'd hear of it. But then a few hours later the cat was back in my front yard. He was starving hungry & bone thin so I fed him. He stayed on my verandah all night on a pet bed.

    I thought in the morning the motel guests might take him with them....but the motel manager told me they'd already checked out & gone, and they said they wouldn't be back for the cat because they didn't want him. Truth be told, I'm glad the owners didn't take him back because they'd obviously been neglecting him as he was almost skin & bone.

    Taking in another cat was a burden for me because I'm not in the best of health (a kidney transplant recipient) and I already have 2 cats. I did want to keep him because he's lovely but I already have 2 cats. And I couldn't find any trustworthy friends or relatives who could take him in.

    That's how it usually works with my close relatives (sisters, nieces)...if any one of us finds a stray cat we take it in. Or if we're unable to keep it, we try to find someone else in the family to take it. Trouble is, most of us already have plenty of cats by now.

    I was also reluctant to take him to the Shire's animal shelter/pound in case there was a chance he got put down. But a supermarket check-out lady told me she used to volunteer at the shelter and they don't put them down, they just desex & chip them, then put them up for adoption. But my sister said she didn't think it was worth the risk taking him there, just in case.

    My sister has 8 cats (she used to have 10) and two of them are her pets. The others are strays & ferals she's taken in, got desexed and put in cat enclosures in her backyard. And her vet doesn't have a problem with it. But she'd get into trouble if her local Shire found out because here all cats have to be registered with our local Shire. But the RSPCA inspected all her cats & enclosures and didn't have a problem with it.

    I'm feeling very guilty because he may have run off to find female cats. I wouldn't have been able to register him in my name with the Shire as I already have 2 cats but I realise now I probably could've had him desexed & chipped at least. I probably could've found a vet to do it who wouldn't ask questions (of how many cats I have).

    But now I'm in a worse situation because he's gone missing and he could be mating & adding to the cat population problem. And if he's roaming there's all the risks involved with that like getting killed on the road, getting lost, infections from cat fights etc.

    I feel wracked with guilt because something bad may have happened to him & he could be dead. My sister told me I'm not the bad person in all this...the person who dumped Micky & starved him is. She said I shouldn't be punished by the Shire because I took in a skinny starving cat who had been dumped & fed him. Yeah but not getting him desexed and only locking him up at night was a huge mistake.

    I don't really hold out much hope of him coming back but if he does, the first thing I'll do is get him desexed & chipped. And I think I should surrender him to the animal shelter because since I reported him missing several people have reassured me that our local shelter doesn't put animals down, just desexes & chips them and puts them up for adoption.

    It would be hard to give him to the shelter because I've really fallen in love with him...but in the long run it'd be better for both of us because 1) I'm not allowed to have 3 cats, and 2) he doesn't get on with my other 2.

    I've been so sick with worry that I can't eat or sleep properly. My sister thinks I need medication or counselling because I feel tormented by guilt that my bad decisions may lead or have lead to Micky's death. I just hope & pray he comes back but after 8 days I'm not holding out much hope :(
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