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Cat Litter Tray

Discussion in 'Cat Chat' started by Victor2001, Oct 22, 2018.

  1. Victor2001

    Victor2001 PetForums Newbie

    Oct 22, 2018
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    I am an A Level student studying Product Design.
    I would be very grateful to all the cat lovers/experts if a few of you could spend 5 minutes answering a few questions to help with my project and design.

    I am needing these answers to help with my design but also use your answers as reasoning for my decisions as you guys are experts in this field :)
    1. Did your cat require any training to use the litter box?
    2. Where in the house do you place your litter boxes? What are the surroundings?
    3. What sort of litter box are you currently using? Open top, covered, high walls, etc?
    4. Do your cats spray? If so, how do you resolve that or clean up?
    5. Do your cats scratch the walls of your litter box?
    6. Do you find it hard to clean your litter box? Why?
    7. How frequently do you sieve through the litter box?
    8. How frequently do you clean and wash out the litter box?
    9. How have you found litter tracking and how have you helped to reduce it?
    10. When cleaning your litter box, do you bring the litter box to the bin, or the bin to the litter box?
    11. Does this depend on if the cleaning is thorough or quick?
    12. Do you use your household bin when cleaning out the litter box or use a plastic bag and get rid of it
    13. straight away?
    14. What is important to your cats when going to the toilet? Light, space, comfort, quiet, etc?
    15. Are your litter boxes discreetly hidden out of sight?
    16. What would you change/improve about your box and why?
    17. What necessities have you bought for your cat that you can’t live without? Relating to a litter box
    18. What would your ideal litter box contain or what issues would it solve?

    Very very grateful!
    Thank you in advance!! :)
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