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Cat Chat Secret Santa 2021 Official Likes and Dislikes Thread!

Discussion in 'Cat Chat' started by Emmasian, Sep 4, 2021.

  1. Emmasian

    Emmasian Mother of Pumpkins

    Aug 22, 2015
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    This is it! The Official Likes and Dislikes Thread for Cat Chat Secret Santa 2021!!

    If you have entered yourself and your pusscats in Secret Santa by completing the form in the Sign Up Thread, and have donated your dosh, this is the next place to come. The purpose of this thread is to post a pic of your puss or pusses, and give a run down to your potential Santas on their likes and dislikes. This information helps Santas to personalise their choice of presents, and avoid anything your cat hates or is allergic to.

    NB Do not jump the gun and post here if you have not yet registered and paid!

    You can also include a bit about yourself as the slave/guardian, and what you like and dislike. Don’t worry though, we won’t make you post a pic of yourself, unless you passionately wish to. The
    PumpkinTonks promise not to emit hyena howls of mirth at any Posh Spice Pout narcissism that may creep in. Much.

    On 2/10/21 this thread will be closed to enable Santas to commence their shopping and wrapping. If we are getting dangerously near the time and you haven’t posted, the PumpkinTonks will be after you with sharpened claws and pointy fangs to chase you up. Rafa and CK are drooling at the thought of all those nice bottoms and ankles just ripe for the nipping so I advise you to be timely…

    If you haven’t been a Cat Chat Santa before, have a squiz at this thread from last year to see what sort of stuff to include:


    OK this is it…ready, steady, B of the Bang, GOOOOOOOOO!
  2. Psygon

    Psygon Yoshi Tonks! :-)

    Apr 24, 2013
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    Darcy and Waffles

    Darcy and Waffles are simple souls. They love string, and bottle tops, pipe cleaners and bells. Teaser toys, valerian, catnip - and enjoy a kickeroo or two. They like hiding in bushes and hunting shrews :eek: And pipe cleaners.

    They enjoy a nibble or two of thrive, cosma snackies and dreamies.

    At the end of the day they love to cuddle up fireside in cosy blankets and fleecy beds.

    They are fancy ladies and need to extra adornments - and wouldn’t be seen dead in collars, bandanas or bowties. They think balls are for boys and liver treats are the spawn of the devil.

    Ted, Jammy and CK
    Ted, Jammy and CK are like the odd couple, or is that throuple.

    They all love catnip toys, stinky and lickable - but it has to be inside fluffy toys. They love kickeroos. They love Skineeez toys - ducks, and mice and all things nice. They love real fur, and feathers. And tassels of wool, leather or string.

    They like to cuddle up on blankets and beds, when Jammy doesn’t kick them off all of the beds that belong to her.

    They love treats. All treats, any treats - especially chicken treats. Thrive, cosma snackies, and dreamies.

    Ted and CK are fancy gents, they love a bandana or bowtie.

    They literally have no dislikes.

    Their slave - the two-legs
    Likes making things (but can't knit or crochet), and drawing things. Likes shortbread, chocolate and most sweet things. Drinks coffee and tea. Likes fluffy textures. Likes tonks.
  3. urbantigers

    urbantigers PetForums VIP

    Apr 13, 2014
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    No wooden spoon for us this year! Here we go…

    Hello cats and slaves. I’m Kito. I’m going to be doing the likes and dislikes for me and Mosi this year cos Mosi did them last year.

    I’m Kito. I’m 6. This is me enjoying last year’s secret Santa pressies.


    I likes catnip as yoos can see. My meowmy ses I dusunt play a lot now but of course I do. She’s just too stoopid sumtmes to work out wot I want to plays with. I like smelly stuff and if I get stoned on it that is even better. All the cool cats do drugs. Other toys I like are fings with strings that meowmy can make move and i chases them. I only have about fifteen different ones which meowmy ses is enuff but of course it’s not. I need variety and get bored with same ones all the time. They all move differently. I like ones that look like snakes (I think meowmy thinks they really is snakes) or what move through the air like birds and insects. I love scratch posts of all kinds. Meowmy ses we have enuff beds and blankies but I don’t really agree because can’t have too many beds and blankies. I give them all a turn. When it cums to food, I likes everything. I eat roar food for my meals and meowmy likes me to have healthy treats but we is allowed special dispensation for other stuffs at crismas. If meowmy can eat wot she calls rubbish becos its crismas so can I. So I am reelly easy to please as I really just like everything.


    I will now tell you about Mosi. This is him. He’s reelly old - he’s 15 but will be 16 on crismas eve.


    Mosi likes to play wif small toys wot are easy to bat around. He likes them tube things what spring around - nylon tube things meowmy ses but I dont know what called. Personally I fink theys a bit lame but Mosi loves them. He likes springies as well - like a coil and they’s small and lite and easy to toss in the air. Mosi goes daft for stuff like that. He loves catnip as well. He loves tunnels and boxes and anything wot he can hide in. He likes cardbord scratchy fings wot he can lie on and scratch. Wen it cums to food, Mosi has sensitive tummy and he is not allowed any beef or fish stuff. He likes duck fings and they dusunt upset his tummy. He eats roar food like me and meowmy likes im to eat healthy snacks.

    I hope that covers evrfing but if yoos hav any questions yoos can ask.

    My 2 legs slave
    She likes coffee (but ses she is a coffee snob and I would say that’s true cos she only buys posh beans wot she calls specialty beans) but also coffee flavoured fings. She likes reelly dark chocolate. She likes gardening and growing stuff although I do eats envying what she tries to grow inside :rolleyes: and she likes cooking and ennyfing to do wif food like books. She dus have to avoid surmfing called gluten so any food has to be gluten free. Her tummy is a bit dodgy like Mosi’s and she isn’t very good wif dairy stuff but can eat a little bit. She likes trying to take photos of animals and stuffs but she isn’t very good (don’t tell er I sed that). She likes books about stuff by peoples who can do it better than she can. She likes trees. She likes ennyfing wif cats on it. she’s is easy to please reelly.
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  4. Charity

    Charity Endangered Species

    Apr 17, 2013
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    BUNTY says...
    P6301297 (3).JPG

    I like….no, I LUV stinky small toys, particularly birds or snakes and, ever so especially, mice to toss up in the air, as I can’t seem to catch any real ones so soft and woolly substitutes are good. Let me see, I also like kickeroos. I like beds and blankets for curling up in or, even better, hiding in. I don’t currently have a covered bed which would be nice. I like anything I can scratch my claws on. I get told off for scratching the furniture.

    I’m very partial to Thrive Chicken treats, I could eat them all day. I’m not allowed other treats as they tend to affect my waistline. I'm not desperately mad on actual food but I do love Encore and Hi Life Platter small pouches.

    Things I don’t like are anything mechanical as strange noises scare me and I’m not interested in puzzle toys.

    Thank you.

    TOPPY says...

    I love anything and everything. My toy favourites are things on sticks I can chase. I adore anything smelly (but not really ever so potent or my Dad complains). I adore Yeowwy Bananas and similar toys, I love tents or anything I can dive in and out of and I love cardboard boxes and beds.

    I’m not allowed treats at the moment as I have ‘an unknown condition’ but I cannot live without my food. I don’t eat dry but I like tins of Thrive Chicken, Chicken and Turkey or Ocean Fish.

    Thanks from me too


    She says not to worry about her but, just so you know, she isn't eating chocolate or biscuits at the moment but does enjoy Kallo Milk Chocolate Rice Cakes (available at all well known supermarkets). She loves sudoku puzzles, reading exciting crime novels or anything to do with animals, and her favourite hobby is gardening.

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  5. Ali71

    Ali71 PetForums VIP

    Apr 27, 2014
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    Yippee secret Santa time.. We don’t know what that is but our toy box definitely needs a good shake up and some new smelly bits!

    First up is me, I am alpha male Milo. I am the boss.
    I am not always grumpy (sometimes I’m asleep:D).
    Mum says I’m big boned. I am 13. I love my food but I am really fussy and don’t like posh stuff. If I have fishy food it makes me :Vomit (sorry mum). Apart from tooona. But I’m not allowed that much.

    I like kicky things and stinky fings and stinky+kicky fings are just my favourite. I like fluffy mice but especially if they smell like silvervine or catnip. I love batting things around with my feets.

    Next up we have Suki


    Im a big Snapchat fan (ok that might be my fault). I am 12. My hobby is hugger of laps but demon catcher of Da Bird and snake type toys. I like stinky stuff too, and crinkly ballz.

    I doesn’t like fishy food either but I loves shredded chicken and pâté food. We don’t have biscuit type treats or freeze dried but yummy, we love our meaty sticks!!

    We will be grateful for anyfing we are given. This is another picture Dad took of us posing :rolleyes:

    Mummy drinks tea (plus the odd glass of rose) she doesn’t like coffee or the taste of it. She does like chocolate and mmmmmm especially caramel or truffles. Her hobbies are cycling and the gym (good job really :Hilarious).

    Ali, Milo and Suki

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  6. lymorelynn

    lymorelynn UN Peacekeeper in training
    Staff Member

    Oct 4, 2008
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    We are the Lambchop girls :Cat
    I am Coco and I'm the olderist. I likes smelly kicker toys with that valerian stuff the best. I has lots of toys really so don't want much. I eats most things but do like my Dreamies at bedtime :D
    I'm Lolita. I don't play very much really but I like places where I can hide and ambush Coco.
    I'm a baby Lambchop. Mummy and daddy haven't chosen my ordinary name yet :(. I like to play shiny things that I can chase around. I love everything!
    Our mummy likes orange chocolate, tea and jelly babies but she really has all she needs with us Meezers :D
  7. LittleEms

    LittleEms Little tinkers Bugsy & Bee, and old Mr. Charlie

    Jun 16, 2020
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    Bee, Bugsy and Mr. Charlie



    We luff all the things!
    The stinkiest toys are our faves! Kickers and ball-shapes are the best! Bee's favourites are little ones that can be batted around, Bugs loves ones to kick and roll around with and Mr. Charlie loves a bit of string.
    Dreamies are an obsession, way of life, great treat, we all luuuv these. Bee and Bug will munch all the things but Mr. C only like dreamies.
    Bee: I am always very busy, I love to run around a lot. Things on sticks and little rolly balls are fun!.
    Bugs: I am chill, I like to nap in my favourite box. I luff kickers, they are the best!
    Mr. Charlie: I am an old man and I just want to sleep and have treaties please.

    Mumma: She loves tea and biscuits but she has a coeliac so she can't eat gluteny biscuits. She is always reading fantasy or sci fi books and putting flowery stuff in the garden that she tells us off for sleeping on.
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  8. Britt

    Britt Missing you so much

    May 18, 2014
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    View attachment 475667 08065859-E938-49C4-9773-F8EA649E661B.jpeg

    Hello everyone,

    Right now Pooh is feeling lonely after Roucky’s death on August 11 but in a couple of weeks he will have a new buddy called Guusje.

    Pooh is 10 years old, very choosy eater, he doesn’t play much but likes cardboard scratching posts, he is a catnip addict and his favourite treats are the Thrive chicken and liquid snacks.
    He doesn’t like Catisfactions (they make him sick), he loves blankets and anything from the UK because his slave used to travel there 3 times a year to London but hasn’t been able to due to COVID.

    Guusje is also 10 years old and Fiv+, he loves cuddles and healthy liquid snacks like ADD. He also likes sleeping on anything soft. He doesn’t play at all but likes scratching. He is a rescue cat and I’m sure he will love anything his SS will send him because it will be his first Christmas here with me.

    Some of you know me already. I’m vegan, don’t eat candies nor anything sugary, my only snacks are as healthy as possible, my favourite colour is black, I don’t read but I like listening to music, my favourite singer was Amy Winehouse and I love anything gothic. I’m always cold. I forgot things and even though I have an iPhone I still need a diary to remember my appointments.

    Thank you again for organising this. I always feel lonely and blue at this time of the year. You are the best

    First picture is Pooh
    The next one is Guusje
    The 3rd one is me

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  9. ewelsh

    ewelsh PetForums VIP

    Jan 26, 2011
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    Hello everybody,

    I’m Princess Libby and I love everything!
    Probably the easiest cat to buy for. I love all toys, knitted ones, moving ones, smelly ones, feather ones, I love them all. I love any cwtchy blankets that I can snuggle into, but I like pretty ones to match me which is a hard task I know.
    I adore all treats, chicken thrive treats I love and can eat them buy the tub but I’m only allowed so many per day. I especially love smelly things that I can dribble on, smellier the better. So basically I can eat anything, play with anything, perfect really!

    Thank you Secret Santa, I know I will love whatever you pick for me.

    Here I am, yes I know, I am just beautiful.


    Hello fans

    I’m Lottie, Mummy’s favourite little thug. I might be small but I am mighty, don’t mess with me, unless you tickle me under the chin then I go all wobbly and accidentally purrrrrr, purrrrr, purrrrrr, ooops I’ve lost my train of thought, where was I? Toys yes I love all toys especially if I can kill it, those small knitted mice are easy peasy lemon squeezy to kill. I especially LOVE drugs and love to stink my Mummy’s house out. If you can send me a real live snake that would be super cool too. Foil balls are brilliant but I’m not allowed them this year thanks to the newest mutt who ate one then ended up at the vets, so can you send a truck load please :Smuggrin that will really keep Mummy on edge.
    Food is fuel, I eat to keep my energy levels up, anything goes, same with treats, love them all.
    Now I have said this before so will say it again, any soft blankets are lovely to rest on before the next kill but not black please, look at me sugar, you ain’t blind :D

    This is me looking all sweet and innocent….for once

    Thank you Secret Santa, I will love what ever you send me, must dash, lots of mice to kill.


    Our Mummy aka Emma

    She is a simple creature, she is our general cat/dogs body, she loves reading thrillers, loves gardening, classical music and eating chocolate! Favourite colours blue and green. Very easily pleased.

    Thank you SS we are super chuffed to be a part of this years SS again x
  10. Bethanjane22

    Bethanjane22 PetForums VIP

    Apr 13, 2019
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    Hello everyone!

    I'm Luna, although the humans call me Loony, Loopy & Lunatic (although I'm not sure why? o_O)

    I like a lot of things, especially toys with valerian or catnip and toys made from real fur or feathers (especially when they are new attachments for my PurrSuit toy!) I do tend to get bored of toys very easily so the humans have to keep them on rotation otherwise I just act like they don't exist. My absolute favourite types of toy are ones I can chase, I will run around chasing the birdy toy for ages until I am panting and stretched out on the floor exhausted! I JUST NEED TO CATCH AND KILL THE BIRDY! I just love to hunt things!

    I don't really use beds or blankets, but when I do I love the really squishy kind that I can dig my paws into. I usually just prefer to use my human mother as a bed as she is the most comfortable of them all, and she gives me chin scratches too!

    One thing I don't really like are toys that make too much noise. Anything that jingles loudly or has a loud motor and I get a bit nervous and will run away.

    I LOVE food, any food, even if the food isn't meant for me, I have to smell it to decide for myself! The humans eat some smelly food! My favourite type of treats are freeze dried chicken and fish treats, and of course DREAMIES :p

    Another dislike of mine is my sister, she's always around acting like she owns the place, stealing cuddles from my humans, if I put her in a box can she be my secret santa present to someone else? :Angelic

    Anyway, that's enough from me, I suppose my prissy sister can tell you what she likes now!


    Ok enough from you! I'm the one they've come to see.

    I'm Nova, also known as Novy, Nova-licious and Madame! My human father often refers to me as 'Her Ladyship' and 'Madame', I'm not sure what he's trying to suggest, I am just a lady of high class and regard :Angelic

    I have quite refined tastes and don't just play with anything, I'll leave that to my sister, I only play with the best toys. I like the long springs that I can kick around the floor, and then discard them under the sofa or fridge so the humans have to get me a new one to play with. I will occasionally play with the smelly toys, but having tried catnip, valerian and silver vine, they don't tend to have the same effect on me as they do on my sister. They turn her into a dribbling fool!

    I like interactive toys that I can chase without having to exert too much energy, my favourites are the spinning butterfly toy, Catit circuit and we also have one with a little mouse that pops it's head in and out. The pesky thing, I will catch it one day!

    Apparently human mother has been trying to find toys that really get me interested, but she has failed so far so she can't be trying hard enough, maybe my secret santa can find me something more to my liking.

    As for food, I usually let Luna taste it first to make sure it isn't poisonous, then I will try one and see if they are to my liking. I don't really like fish all that much, I prefer chicken and other meats, as long as the treats are bitesize because a lady cannot possibly be expected to tear apart her food! I also partake in the consumption of Dreamies.

    I love a nice luxurious squishy bed or blanket and will curl up into a little ball when I feel comfortable, I'm hoping one day the humans will get me the throne I deserve!

    That's all from me, and if santa wants to take my sister with them when they bring my gifts, they are more than welcome to her!


    As for our human Mother- her name is Beth, she is a pretty easy person to please. She loves chocolate and sweet things (although she eats a gluten free diet due to a health condition so she has to read labels to make sure things are ok to eat). Her favourite chocolate is dairy milk. She also loves crystals, things with a witchy vibe, wax burners (she makes he own wax melts so has lots of them dotted around the house) and she also LOVES a substance called gin that she seems to have a a silly amount of!

    We can't wait for our lovely presents to arrive, we had so much fun last year and can't wait to start picking out presents for our recipient too!
  11. popcornsmum

    popcornsmum Popcorn relaxing!

    Jan 19, 2015
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    20210910_200533.jpg Hello everyone I am Popcorn an 8 year old Tabby cat who is incredibly fussy, hates the world! (And everyone in it!!) :D I am a total Madam and only like affection on my terms which is once a day, in the evening I allow my Mums to stroke my head before a quick boop is delivered!:D
    So what do I actually like you may well ask! Well here is my very specific list but please don't feel obliged! :rolleyes:

    I LOVE treats! So much! So Cosma snackies are my most bestest but I also love Thrive chicken, Felix Crispies and play tubes, Webbox sticks and Lick E Lix, and Dreamies (except cheese). Food wise I only eat Gourmet Creations in chicken and Gourmet Solitaire Beef or Duck.

    I also love cardboard scratchers and treat mazes/treat toys, Yeoww catnip toys and my buttermoth flying frenzy. Since my Fish Fish went to the great fishbowl in the sky (that's what i was told coz he is nowhere to be found!) I have a Monk Monk on a stick who I hunt! Like Fish Fish Mummy has not found another Monk Monk so she is praying I don't lose him too! o_O

    Dislikes everything else!!! :D

    Now for my new baby brother Mittens! Mew mew mew I am Mittens aged 16 weeks (by Xmas il be 7 months old!)
    I am nicknamed 'wee baby' because I am so small and short haired compared to my chunky furry sister!

    So far I love wand toys especially my sisters Fish one with a bell!, tunnels and balls! Balls with bells in and balls I can bunny kick! I also love that little red dot laser which I chase around the room! I have also just discovered these cute little soft Xmas socks that someone on here sent Popcorn years ago!! Not sure where they are from but I love them and take them up the cat tree! I also love those soft woolly fleece soft toys! *edit I have stolen my sisters Yeoww toys and LOVE the Yeoww balls!!! :D
    Foodwise I eat anything so far - Starbucks chocolate Fraps are my fave (I stole Mummys tonight and licked all the vegan cream off it!!)
    so am nothing like my sister in the fussy sense!! However like my sister I am on wet food only and at the moment I am enjoying Nature's Menu, Webbox Kitten food, Whiskas kitten food etc which is yummy but I'm pretty sure if it's wet il eat anything! :D

    Dislikes - i am so scared of the lawnmower and loud noises:(

    For my Mummy well she has every thing she needs so no need to get her anything thank you! :) However if needs must then her fave colour is pink, she loves crystals and natural stuff but sadly has no time for hobbies as she home eds my human brother and spends all day/evening playing with us! :D

    We are just all very excited for Santa Paws to come see us because our human brother gets very excited to help choose our recipient's gifts and open the SS box on Xmas Morning!
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  12. Mrs Funkin

    Mrs Funkin Human mother to Oscar

    Mar 12, 2018
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    Hehe Popcorn, is “monk monk” a monkey on a stick by any chance? @popcornsmum ? :)
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  13. popcornsmum

    popcornsmum Popcorn relaxing!

    Jan 19, 2015
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    Yup!!! She's now hunting him and dragging him round the house!!

  14. Emmasian

    Emmasian Mother of Pumpkins

    Aug 22, 2015
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    Very sorry to hear of the sad demise of Fish Fish. Must have slipped by me. Glad Monk Monk is doing sterling service as a replacement though!
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  15. Hammystar

    Hammystar PetForums Member

    Jun 19, 2019
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    Meow! I'm Ziggy, the pretty tabby on the left. I'm 14 months old and Mummy calls me 'the cuddle kitten' as I love to jump on her lap for cuddles.

    I have got out of my naughty habit of climbing Mum's legs but I'm still playful and love to go out and hunt. I enjoy bringing her mice and voles but she always tells me to take them downstairs if I bring them to her in bed. I always do as she says and put them by my food bowl in exchange for some treats. I always sit for food and treats and Mum has now taught me how to use my paw to say please. She thinks I'm very clever and that I would enjoy something that makes me use my brain! I had great fun with the ball play tower Jinxy and I got last year - I even managed to get one of the balls out and lose it. Mum wasn't quite so impressed with that - I can' understand why!


    Food wise, I prefer wet food and although I started out eating what Mummy calls the 'good' stuff I now turn my nose up at anything expensive and mainly just enjoy Felix instead. With treats, my favouritest thing ever is a treat stick - I will come running from the other end of the house if Mummy makes the sound of one being opened. I'm also very fond of Dreamies. last year I bit through the Dreamies bag Mum left on the floor (silly Mummy) and ate half the packet. I then threw up. She said it served me right but I was sad. I don't understand those dried bits of meat and fish though. My brother adores them but I just can't see the attraction. I'll beg for one just because he's having them but I'll lick it and abandon it just to annoy him!


    Hello, I'm Jinxy. I'm the devastatingly handsome black cat on the right. I'm 2 1/2. Mummy says that I am rather aloof but I still love her very much and give her loving headbutts each day. I enjoy jumping on the table when she's working and sticking my butt into the webcam on her computer. Apparently that's not ok when she's doing a virtual court...but Mummy was laughing at some lawyer who turned himself into a cat in a virtual court so I don't see the difference.


    I don't play as much as I did but since I discovered Yeowee bananas I'm addicted. I found my first one last year in a box Mummy had filled for someone called Popcorn, but by the time Mum realised I had taken it out, I'd dug my teeth into it and slobbered on it so much she couldn't possibly send it to her. Mum says I need to apologise for that otherwise Santa Paws might not visit this year - she couldn't say at the time otherwise it would have given the game away. So meow. I've not tried Valarian but I'd like to give it a go.


    I'm even more fussy with food but not with treats. I adore the freeze dried treats, especially the Cosma Salmon ones. In fact, I like everything Salmon flavoured. A salmon Lick-e-lix is a real treat and Ziggy doesn't like them either so I get them to myself too.

    Mum says we are more important than her but a small surprise for her to open would be lovely. Just no bath stuff please as she'll never use it (she's a five minute shower girl!).

    Mum wants us to add that she woke up alone for the first time ever last Christmas due to someone she calls BoJo stopping her travelling to see her family but that having us and presents to open together was wonderful and made her day so we are all really excited to be joining in again this year.
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  16. popcornsmum

    popcornsmum Popcorn relaxing!

    Jan 19, 2015
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    :D:D:D:D:D Popcorn says you're forgiven and actually thank you for reminding Mummy to add the Yeowws onto her Likes list!!! :Hilarious
  17. BarneyBobCat

    BarneyBobCat Slave to an AcroCat

    Feb 22, 2019
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    Hi! I'm Barney!

    I love interactive toys that I can play with my Daddy. I love all kinds of treats but I'm a very fussy eater when it comes to my wet food. I love to sleep on a nice blanket. I don't do catnip - but I like valerian although my Hoomans think it stinks like sweaty feet!

    Speaking of the Hoomans, they don't want or need anything - send all the presents to me!
  18. Jojomomo

    Jojomomo PetForums Member

    Apr 16, 2017
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    Hello all, I'm Boots, aged 10 (shhh). I love my food, my favourite is the shredded chicken/fish type. I love all treats, especially Dreamies and freeze dried ones! My favourite toys are small smelly catnip/valerian ones I can rub my face on and dribble over. I also quite like a wand toy. I like to sleep on mum's cushions/pillows rather than blankets, she's mentioned me having my own cushion so I don't get hers all hairy!


    Yo, I'm Thorin, I will be 2 soon! I also love my food and have similar tastes to Boots, though mummy and the vet say I can't have too many treats as I'm a bit chubby. What cheek! I love to play - small toys I can bat around, wand/dangly toys, plush smelly ones I can chew and run around growling with. Oh yes, I love to chew things, plants especially! Sleep wise I have an igloo bed but will sleep anywhere, I particularly like a nice soft blanket I can knead!

    Mummy says not to worry about her, though if you insist she likes coffee, gin, milk chocolate, Haribo type sweets and anything cat/big cat themed!
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  19. lillytheunicorn

    lillytheunicorn PetForums VIP

    Nov 17, 2012
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    So we decided the babies would be the secret Santa kitties as they are much more obliging in being dressed up in elf /Santa outfits.

    I am Baby, well I have my ‘posh name’ but I generally get called Crazy Baby. I am 2 year old female. I love to chirrup at my humans, and I am currently obsessed with girl human as she abandoned me for 4 days. So she doesn’t dare leave me again I feel the need to follow her around and hang onto her leg at all times. I am not sure on most cat food, except Thrive wet food, however I love treats especially freeze dried ones, however I am generally not fussy and will eat most treats. As you can tell from my name I am slightly crazy and love toys, flying type toys are my favourite though stinky ones are almost as good. However the human won’t let us have cat nip as I smack my sister and try to bite her after having it. So we have valerian toys.


    Hi I am Phoebe, I am Baby’s sister. I am the complete opposite to her and the calmest cat. I used to only eat poached chicken and refused to eat anything else until I was 18 months old. The human had to get the hotel cook me chicken when we were away at a cat show. However I discovered that cat food wasn’t actually that bad and now thankfully will eat pretty much all of it. I also love all treats, especially the Wild freedom freeze dried chicken hearts. I don’t really play with toys I prefer to chew the humans arm / leg / any bare skin and snuggle in blankets even though I have a huge fluffy coat. The fire is the best thing about winter, I don’t like the cold so I lay as close as I can get. The humans laugh as I am supposed to come from the Norwegian Forest, they say I would last 5 minutes out there.


    Hello, I am Miss May. I am also 2 years old but Phoebe and Baby are my half aunties though we have all grown up together since they were 9 weeks old and I was 14 weeks old. I am a naughty tortie, I am Blue’s daughter and the human says I am the reason Blue was so poorly when she was pregnant as I was kicking her so much. I never stop, I love to chase toys, especially flying ones but I also love to chase leaves, bugs and once ate a bee and my face became very pudgy. I love all treats but my favourite is the webbox lick e lix. I was poorly after eating some fleece when I was 10 weeks old, and my gut took a long time to recover so I was fed RC convalescent instant diet diet which is milky for a long time, which means I am particularly partial to anything milky.


    The human slave has everything she needs but she loves stationary, as she works with children so having funky pens etc always goes down well. She also loves tea and biscuits and thinks most problems could be solved with tea and biscuits.


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  20. Emmasian

    Emmasian Mother of Pumpkins

    Aug 22, 2015
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    Hellooo we are the Pumpkin Pussycat Posse!

    We know that as joint organisers of this year's SS we should have posted by now, and are setting a very bad example, but we have been soooooo busy with our Tonk partners in crime that ummmmm we forgot. Anyway, our Mummy sez if we don't get on and do it, no one will get us any presents, Santa won't come, and we will cry into our empty food bowls on Christmas Day.

    So here goes...


    I'm Teddypumpkin, AKA Teddles, Tedsy, Tiddly Teddly and Teddyteddylamblamb. There is a Teddyteddylamblamb song for those of you who don't know... I'm six years old and just under 9kg of solid muscle :)rolleyes:)

    I love chasing wand toys and can get very over excited with anything feathered or that I can catch and give a good duffing up to. As I am such a huge chap I do need to have the very long wands, as with the shorter variety I have been know to collide with Mummy, or catch her when I am flying through the air. She then stops playing with us, turns a funny purple colour, and makes hissing noises a bit like Freya. She's my sister. She's rubbish. I also like anything furry that stinks of valerian or catnip. My ideal present would be a hamster that has been fed on a diet of valerian and catnip, but Mummy has said absolutely not. Miserable cow. I love any form of treat going and really any sort of food though anything with shredded chicken in it is probably my fave.


    My name's Rafa aka "Pumpkin Raf", Rafsiwoo, Lord Rafsi of Woo, Babywoo, and a whole host of other even more embarrassing titles. I am also 6 and I'm very fluffy and gorgeous.

    I am a total and utter stoner, and if Mummy regurgitates the story of how I lay on my back one year with the box that the valerian snake from Amazon came from over my head for an hour, I will regurgitate on her. And she won't like it. Definitely anything catnip or valerian like my brudda from anudda mudda Teddypumpkin. I am also a feather maniac. Every now and again Mummy tries to put some of my old feathers in a big black bag and take them away. I follow her around and take them straight out again, just so she knows where she stands. Cheek. They may have no actual feathery bits left on them, but they are important to me, OK??:Wideyed I love Thrive treats, Cosma Snackies, Dreamies and Lik-e-Lix, the more the merrier. Freya and I work as a team to steal treats though, so Mummy has to lock them up once she thinks we've "had enough". No such thing of course, but how would she know.


    I'm Freya aka Pumpkin Frey, Princess Freya, Baby Chicken, Mummy's Little Silver Angel etc etc:Vomit

    I'm also 6 and I think I am the most beautiful of the three of us. I take life rather seriously so I like to intensively watch wand games rather than participate, though Mummy is always on at me to join in. I am extremely clever and can do puzzles and steal anything you like, including the ability to turn keys which I acquired recently. I thought I was very clever but Mummy didn't seem impressed which was disappointing. I like cuddly fleecy things to knead and drool on, whilst Mummy videos me and tells me I am "too cute to function", whatever that means. Like my brothers I really like stinky toys, the worse the better in terms of stench. Mummy says she loves us so much that she is prepared to put up with the bad-sock-from-hell odour from valerian (I personally think she gets a bit stoned on it herself. I watched last year and she had eyes like dinner plates). I love all treats and like things like pure fish or shredded chicken foods best.

    Our Mummy is called Emma. She likes milk chocolate, biscuits, scented candles, and has a fetish for earl grey tea. She also likes pussycats. So she claims.

    Thank you very much for listening to us, we are now going back to have another meeting with the Tonks and have our earpieces in and our little clipboards at the ready.

    Meow xxx
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