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Cat Calling Already!

Discussion in 'Cat Breeding' started by sarahandjonesy, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Well Tia my BSH Queen had 1 kitten just over 4 weeks ago and she has already started to call. Tia is feeding her little one still, just find it strange she has already started calling last time she called after all 4 kittens went to their new homes.

    Do you think it would be ok for her to be mated again later on in the year around aug/sept (if still in call). I have never thought about mating her twice in a year but as she was mated just before xmas this time and had one kitten its been on my mind whether to let her have another litter this year? Would just like some opinions from other breeders.
  2. Cooniemum

    Cooniemum PetForums Junior

    Jun 16, 2010
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    I always think it's ideal to mate queens once a year but I also think that there are times when you have to mate earlier than expected. I have a girl here who has called and called since having her last litter of 3 kittens so I am going to mate her earlier than planned and if she carries on the same after the next litter I am going to spay her.

    If your girl has only had one kitten and is in good condition then I see no reason not to mate early. I know plenty of breeders who would be putting her out before the kitten had even left to be honest :rolleyes::
  3. Thanks for replying, I will just see how things go with Tia, just nice to get another breeders opinion.
  4. Brits

    Brits PetForums Junior

    Jan 6, 2011
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    My Tia had kittens a little over 8 weeks ago and is also starting to call, her litter is still at home of course but I was wondering the exact same thing!
  5. alisondalziel

    alisondalziel PetForums VIP

    Oct 8, 2008
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    It's a tricky decision really and i think it just depends on the individual queen...

    You need to be asking yourself the following:

    * How many litters has she had?

    * What condition is she in (has she lost much weight/condition)?

    * How many litters do you plan her to have in total?

    * Does her calling get louder and longer each time, or does it remain the same?

    You need to put the cat first. Calling can be a pain but unless it's getting ridiculous, i wouldn't rush to mate her again.

    I have a queen who called from 4 months old. It got to the point she was calling almost constantly. She was mated at 11 months old. She then stated calling constantly again when the litter was a few weeks old. I now have her on Ovarid, to give her a rest, and she is now very calm and is starting to gain weight. Her behaviour has really changed.

    She was mated in September 2010 and i plan to mate her June - July 2011.

    Have a think about your queen and her situation before you rush off to have her mated again.
  6. Aurelia

    Aurelia PetForums VIP

    Apr 29, 2010
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    I agree with Alison in that you have to put the queen first.

    Not only is it about her being in good condition visually. If she is nursing until just before the kitten goes to her new home (and there is no reason for this not to be the case) then she will still have lots of hormones circulating in her system. Plus the other bits you can't see ... her womb needs the rest too, regardless of the last litter size.

    I would personally rather spay a queen than mate her again before a full year has cycled. It was this and the whole HCM thing that pushed me to get Rilly spayed when I did earlier this year. She had got to the point where she was calling again every 8 days.

    If this means having fewer breeding queens then so be it. After all it's their health and well being that should come first, not our desire to have litter after litter :)

    *Alison you're planning to mate her again with only a 6-7 month break? :confused:
  7. I have no problem with her calling, yes it does get annoying but I wouldn't want to mate asap. TBH I would never of thought of mating her again until next year but my worry is that , although she isn't in a full intense call I can't see it being long until this happens, I have read that if the queen has 3 intense heat cycles then it could lead to cystic ovaries(link) which can lead the queen to become infertile where you would have to spay the queen anyway. Fingers crossed she'll hold out until next year.

    I was just wondering what other breeders do.
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  8. Cooniemum

    Cooniemum PetForums Junior

    Jun 16, 2010
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    I think it is also down to breeder preference - as I said, the ideal is that a queen would have no more than one litter in a year but sometimes it is unavoidable for the health of the queen.

    For example, I had one girl who called and called so I mated her early for her first litter and she had 4 massive kittens. However, she never regained her condition and carried on calling so I spayed her after having had just the one litter. Another girl did similar but this was after her 2nd litter so I spayed her too.

    MY current girl is a fab mum and has had 2 very, very small litters 1 year apart so I have no problem with letting her have a third litter 9 months apart and then waiting and seeing how she goes. If she carries on with her mad calling cycle then she will be spayed too but that will mean she will have had 3 litters within 2 years, well within guidelines and then she gets to live life as a neuter here.

    The situation that Alison and also Sarahandjonesey find themselves in will not lead to anything detrimental for their cats whatsoever and I am sure that they will both ensure their cats are in top condition before they even think about mating.

    As I said in my first post, I am mating my girl with a 9 month gap and I believe that is the best thing for her health - she doesn't respond to ovarid and when she does call she gets very restless and won't eat so I have a few days in between each call to build her up again before she starts wailing all over again!
  9. Although like cooniemum said 1 litter over a year is ideal, it is still early days for her calling so I will just see how things go over there next couple of months and decide, I might try that ovarid first to delay mating Tia again.

    If I do decide to mate her before the year is up then obviously I will be consulting the vet before hand. Tia is in great condition after this little one you swear she hasn't given birth, last time because she had 5 she had lost a lot of weight and only until all kittens had left she started getting back to normal.

    Thanks Cooniemum, alisondalziel and Aureila for your input:)
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