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My boyfriend and I recently introduce our 4 month old kitten to our 2 year old cat.
Both female. Our 2 year old is a tortoiseshell.
We decided after seeking advice from lots of multi cat owners that we would take the "let them get on with it" approach.
We let the new kitten wonder around and explore before letting the resident cat meet her.
The first night we kept them separate, new kitty in a room.
It's been 3 days now, not long I know, and am wondering if I took the right approach and if it's too late to change it and make it better.
At first our older cat stared and watch the new one then retraced her steps. Then there was hissing and howling from our older cat. Then there was chasing and now new kitten is the one doing the hissing.
As far as I can see our new kitten knows our older cat is boss but is scared of her and our older cat is scared/wary of the new arrival.
Any sudden movements from either of them startles the other and they will spend ages just staring at eachother.
Weve had movements where one can walk past the other with no reaction, and have sat near to eachother with no upset.
Both are happy and playful etc
Our older cat tried eating from kittens food bowl while kitten was eating and kitten hissed and cat backed away, then straight after kitten went to cats bowl and started eating her food whilst cat was eating. Cat noticed and just backed away.
I know it's only been a few days and I'm aware it can take months but just want some advise/reassurance really.
I'm a patient girl and willing to do anything to make my cats happy unfortunately my boyfriend is less patient
Any help, advise, reassurance or stories will be greatly appreciated.
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