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Care for a cat with broken jaw / Asking for fund-raising campaign tips for said cat

Discussion in 'Cat Health and Nutrition' started by NadiaR, Sep 22, 2019.

  1. NadiaR

    NadiaR PetForums Newbie

    Sep 18, 2019
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    (OK, this is a bit of a re-post but I'm told I'm allowed to ask as is.)

    My cat Sueño just went through surgery that ended up removing part of her jaw. I don't know how to care for her in any particular way. If anybody else went through something like this, I'm looking for general tips on how to care for a cat with her jaw compromised.

    And just to avoid making another thread, I'll ask here too: does anybody know how one goes about doing a fund-raising campaign?
    Some background: Looking for information for the first subject, I came across the "Duchess- The Miracle Kitty" story, who had their jaw removed and the owner asked for funding for her treatment. So I thought about doing the same (I can't deny I need money and just any help I can get) and created a gofundme campaign. But so far only friends from my time in Harry Potter forums have popped up.
    I really don't know how to reach anybody outside my social circle. Facebook algorythm makes it so my posts reach only people in my city and close-by town at most, it seems. I thought about coming to pet forums, but most have bans against asking for help in this way - understandably, trying to deterr scams... I just don't know what to do here.

    So, to reiterate. Has anyone in the forum done something like this? Like a crowfunding thing? How do you spread the word / reach interested people? Where is one supposed to go to promote this, as in, what websites? And just any help you can give me regarding the subject.

    One last thing: Yes, I'm in a third world country. My English is good because of too many years in that Harry Potter forum. Good news is, because of my country's deteriorating economy, US/European spare change is a lot of money for me. Bad news is, all my vet studies notes are in Spanish.
    I can post them anyways. But the non-Spanish speaker interested would need to at least re-write and googletranslate the thing just to verify what it says...
    I can offer the transcription (I don't think doing the translation myself counts), along the image of the actual thing to compare and check I'm not changing anything. (And googlemaps pics for the vet oncologist maybe...?) And photos I've been taking of the whole process. Any other thing you can think of that might help verify authenticity, let me know.


    The transcription of the diagnosis:

    Centro de Interconsulta y Derivación Oncológica Veterinaria
    Dra. Laura Peruzzo de Naville
    Dr. Ariel L. Schiaffi

    Bv.Rondeau 202.
    (S2013HEP) Rosario.
    T.E: 341-4557529/ 341-4533163
    Fecha :25/06/19

    Propietario: REY
    Especie: FELINO. “SUEÑO”

    PAF de ganglio submandibular

    En los preparados estudiados sobre un campo de glóbulos rojos sobresalen células redondas y fusiformes con anisocitosis y anisocariosis y pigmentos intra e intercitoplasmáticos color negruzco.

    El cuadro citológico es compatible con MELANOMA>>

    -Googlemaps screencap
    -Picture of the tumor in a previous state.
    -Sueño came back home. It's the fifth day after the surgery. (She was eating through a foley but she forcefully removed it today.)
    -She doesn't like when I take pictured of her 'bad side'. I snuck in this take.
    -Her chin is still a bit swollen.
    I have more but these are the most recent ones. My gofundme campaign is in my facebook. My name is Nadia Rey (nchantalona)

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