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Can I just board small dogs

Discussion in 'Dog Boarding' started by doggilover, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. doggilover

    doggilover PetForums Junior

    May 29, 2013
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    Hi I'm looking into Home boarding.
    I have two small dogs of my own. I was wondering is it acceptable to have a short trial with a dog that is planning on staying for a few days.
    If yes, how would that trial go? ie do you just see if they get along with my dogs or do I take them all out for a walk together? How long is the trial.

    Can I just request small dogs?

    After paying out £125 insurance and £100 ON a licence how long will it take to get customers?
    Any advice will be very welcome.

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  2. Thenewforestdoghotel

    Thenewforestdoghotel PetForums Junior

    Mar 12, 2017
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    yes, you can choose whatever way you want to run your business. Some people are breed specific and only board Labs, etc. Just make it clear on your advertising etc.

    Most boarders ask the dog and dog owner to visit first bringing vac certs etc, then arrange a 1 night stay to see how they get on, and then book them in if you're both happy? It sounds a faf, but owners who board their dogs are used to this. It will probably be a condition of your licence that the dogs are vaccinated, and stayed for a trial night. Local authorities vary in their rules though...

    Set up a Facebook page, make contact with local pet shops. Get some nice cards printed to hand out. When you're out walking the dogs wear a printed t shirt with your business name on - it's surprising how many other walkers will see you and ask about your services. Hope this helps.

    Oh, and get a dog first aid qualification if you can Compass Training do some excellent courses. It will help you stand out from the crowd, and help owners trust you. it demonstrates you are serious about your new business. http://www.compass-education.co.uk/Canine-Care-and-First-Aid-Diploma-p/csc-cancfa.htm

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