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Can Dogs Sniff Out Cancer?

Discussion in 'Dog Chat' started by Anele Jessica, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. colacooler

    colacooler PetForums Junior

    Nov 19, 2007
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    Nope don't think so.
  2. Jenny Olley

    Jenny Olley PetForums VIP

    Nov 2, 2007
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    I think dogs have the ability to recognise when something is not "normal" for that person, so for instance seizure alert dogs pick up changes in the person, and can alert them to a forthcoming seizure. If I had a mole my dogs played a particular interest in I would go to the doctor. As I work my dog tracking and searching, I am aware of their fantastic olfacory skills, so who knows in years to come.
  3. Brainless

    Brainless Guest

    Some dogs certainly can in the same way as some are able to alert to seizures.

    I expect this is part of their evolution as a predator to be able to detect sick and ailing members of a herd.
  4. pkb1

    pkb1 PetForums Junior

    Nov 2, 2007
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    Were it not for my weimaraner i might not be here now!.........she seemed to develop an interest in my chest over a matter of 6 weeks, i had recently had a mamogram which was all clear. however after about 4 weeks of her sniffing me and whining and trying to scratch me i shut her in the hallway to finish watching a TV programe.......she went totally insane screamong and battering the door!.....my husband let her in and she headbutted me in the chest so hard it pushed the chair i was in right accross the room. OIt hurt so much i was crying and rubbing where she hit, after a moment or two i felt a slight difference in the feel under my skin, so i decided to go to the doctor the next day.He felt the area and the day after i was seeing a specialist, the day after that i was operated on............the lump they removed was like a tube 9 inches long with just the extreme tip on the outside area of my chest!
    when i got homeshe was still very interested but not so bad so we didnt worry, It was over the christmas holiday period so i had to wait until the 4th Jan for results, over that time she got more and more aggitated.
    when i gotto the hospital for my results there were 4 people in the room, i knew then something wasnt right, they hadnt removed all the cancer, so i had to stay that very day to be re operated on the next day!.........what they discovered was a very rare form of cancer called Angiosarcoma, it was very prolific and aggressive growing at an astonishing rate...the 9 inches over approx 7 weeks!.......after the second op, the weimaraner never sniffed me once.....all clear!..........the surgeon was astonished about it and has gone on to write a thesis on my case............i have to be scanned every 4mths or so to make sure it doesnt come back...........as it grows so quickly and can start anywhere it could kill me very quickly and without warning!
    Unfortunately my weimaraner is no longer with us, so i dont have her help anymore, but certainly i beleive if she hadnt been there i wouldnt be too!
  5. Vixie

    Vixie PetForums VIP

    Nov 17, 2007
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    thank goodness for your dog, glad to hear you are on the mend and hope it stays away, my sister inlaw has breast cancer and just finished her treatment its such a horrible thing to get.
    Dogs never cease to amaze me. They are wonderfull animals and not to be underestimated
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