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if your dogs ears are hairy dry to get them plucked aswell as the more hair the more wax will stick an infection could accur.x
Ear Hair plucking is the biggest load of bull***t I've ever heard of. The hair is in the ears for a reason... it keeps dirt and stuff out !

As for an infection being caused by not plucking, the only dog of mine who has ever had an ear infection is the one who had been getting his ears plucked before I had him. It took months to sort out as it was only when the hairs grew long enough that it cleared up :rolleyes:

Ear plucking is nothing more than cosmetic and is painful for the dog, no amount of powder stops the pain. I'm guessing you don't have hairs in your own ears, so I suggest you pluck just one tiny hair from your nostril and tell us how painless that is ;)
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