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I have now sent off the cheque for Busters new dog training class. Millie is still living away :( but busters training needs to continue and be given priority.

He will be rejoining a class where he used to go as a puppy. The dog trainer is probably the best I've ever worked with. Buster was a handful as a puppy but I am sure that now he's got better he will not be as bad as he was.

Todays activity was to teach him to go to bed. After less than an hour he is very confident with this and I am very pleased. I will try to upload the video if my blackberry allows it :D

This afternoon I tried working on the emergency stop and after a few moments of ignorance he has really got the hang of it. There is a very short delay between telling him to stop and him actually stopping but I'm sure he'll improve. We are starting at the advanced class so will be expected to do most of these.

I will try and post videos soon :)
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