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I havent posted in the dog section for so long so i doubt many people remember the story of Jessie.

She was basically scared of strangers and ALL dogs, to the point on walks she'd bark, raise her heckles and wrap herself around my legs shaking and cowering down. At one point she bolted away when a dog approached her socialising and we lost her for 3 hours!!

I worked with her and we finally got her able to walk past people/dogs in the streets without barking and people can even come into the house now, she barks at first like any guarding dog would but will now play fetch with anyone like a typical spaniel..minus the petting.. but thats old news.

My sister recently got a pup and i sectretly hoped we could socialise them and in the future let them bomb around the farmers fields/ditches together.

Today was the second time theyve met, and they played.. really played..last time the puppy played and Jessie kind of tolerated and ran to encourage it. (which was a miracle itself) But today Jessie played back, nudged the ball and wanted Poppy to spring back and paw her. They playfully barked at each other and Jessie was wagging her tail and well..just being a dog.

I've waited so long for this, and feel like it is the start of a real breakthrough.. but even if she only tolerates one dog, and has one play friend.. i will be happy :D :D



I remember Jessie!!! Nice to 'see' you again :) And congrats on the bubs :)

That's so great to hear. A small step in the right direction :yesnod:
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