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Boring work thread but i dont know what to do

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Savahl, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Savahl

    Savahl Guest

    Ok so I have been put into a bit of a dilemma with work.

    Basically in 2011 the site i work at is closing; my history is Electrical apprenticeship -> maintenance electrician -> Controls Engineer -> Building Facilities manager and Controls technician.

    Now, I support our site utilities controls technician alongside my main role as facilities manager (which takes most of my time at work); I can do his job to a degree but I am by no means an expert.

    Now, the company are developing a site in Georgia, USA, I am not in a position to transfer but the Utilities control engineer has applied! Also the Facilities Project engineer leave this Friday!

    So i have to make a decision! I have been asked to take the Project job, I have also been asked to fill in for the controls engineer....

    Now I dont know what to do. I would love to get into the utilities control system more, but I will be in the deep end and pretty much learning as I go, or I go projects along with what I am currently doing. Projects is also an area I would like to get into as I know there is work out there for projects and also Facilities management - but Id love to get back into the technical field and use my skills more.

    My degree is in Electrical and electronic engineering with systems for environmental services, graduating (hopefully) in 2011 - and this would fit in well with both of the jobs so im soooooo confused!!!!!!!

    a) Less interesting but (much) busier and good career prospects: Facilities and project management

    b) more interesting/technical work but more competitive career market: Utilties controls engineer

    Opinions???? help?!?!!?!? my head hurts :(
  2. rona

    rona Guest

    Go with your heart, you are a long time working :)
  3. sammyben

    sammyben Guest

    I agree, in the current state of affairs I would pick the one which you are most likely to stick with for a long time :D

    Good Luck x
  4. Savahl

    Savahl Guest

    this is the problem i have...both are feasible long term career choices. And what i do now will determine what i do when my site closes. There is great work available in the city for the facilities job, and there is work in industry for controls, just more competetive and my degree will be less useful...its just whether i want to be challenged more often than not and i dont know :( There is more money in facilities management, but I dont know if eventually I will get bored of it, but I dont want to struggle to find work in a recession for the more "exciting" option.

    Im only 25 so have many many many years left at work lol I want to do the right thing :eek:
  5. sammyben

    sammyben Guest

    There's your answer then, if you can afford to turn down the higher paid job then go for the more challenging exciting opportunity :D x
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