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Discussion in 'Rabbits' started by TJB00, Jul 5, 2020.

  1. TJB00

    TJB00 PetForums Newbie

    Mar 8, 2020
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    9FE34179-ECE5-41F8-B300-043480ED1531.jpeg CB2DB540-BC77-4F79-9FB0-4D40544D4605.jpeg Hey all. This is probably going to be a long post because I’m new to the group and I do have a lot of specific questions. I’ll give a bit of a back story but sorry it’s a messy and all over the place...

    Back in March I got my 1.5 year old male neutered...
    Yesterday, I picked up my 8 week old female bunny. She’s so tiny and cute.
    I was watching a youtuber who said not both bunnies had to be fixed, but it was preferably the male that would have to be done (Dusty my bunny got the snip in March.) but from other research I’m finding it says to have both bunnies fixed before starting any bonding... I’m in no rush at all but this is where it starts to get tricky for me...

    Dusty and Floss live in a heated shed (in separate enclosures atm. They can see and sniff each other. Dusty seems unbothered at all and Floss is very interested and excited. Is this a good sign?

    My main concern is sharing space... Dusty has currently been having a 6ft by 9ft outdoor pen filled with all his favourite toys to himself as he’s been the only bunny around until yesterday - Is Floss able to use this space to stretch her legs whilst they’re not bonded? They’d share the same hideaway and toys in the run and most definitely both be weeing in it. Would this be a bad thing to do before planning to bond?

    Secondly, I have a brand new very large hutch coming tomorrow where I keep the amenities of litter box, food bowl etc (the hutch door is open 24/7 and the shed is roaming around space)... would it be bad to set Dusty up in the new hutch before introducing them both? I’m a little nervous that he’ll think the hutch will become his until it’s time for them to move in together.
    I know this is all dependant on my first question which was whether I could start bonding without Floss being spayed or would she have to be spayed first...

    I’m just a little torn with what to do with the hutch issue until now. Do I keep the hutch in the box until the day comes that they’re able to move in together so it’s new for the both of them or can Dusty live in it on his own in the mean time whilst and when the bonding process happens... I really hope this post makes sense and someone is able to help answer my concerns . Right now theyre both in separate cages but it’s a very awkward setup and I’d like it to be better ASAP but if it’s wrong for me to bond them before Floss is spayed then I will wait. I don’t want to ruin chances but Floss is only 8 weeks old. If I wait until she’s been spayed + healing time, I’ll be looking at October / December before I can consider bonding. Please can someone help, I cannot seem to find clear answers online. Here’s a photo of my babies. Also would love it if someone could tell me Floss’ colour and breed (think she’s a mini lop.). Dusty is the lion head.
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