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Blue Persain - Weeing & Poo'ing everywhere and anywhere

Discussion in 'Cat Training and Behaviour' started by jamie4891, May 8, 2011.

  1. jamie4891

    jamie4891 PetForums Newbie

    Sep 13, 2010
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    Hi There,

    I would be grateful of any advise with regards to my (almost) 18 month old Blue Persian, Junior!

    We have had him from 8 weeks old, and are reasonably experienced with cats - we have 6. He was always great with doing his "business" in the litter tray. But then we got Daisy and Poppy (ESS & Border collie) back last August and September!

    I am aware that this would unsettled his environment which in turn would/could cause unsettled toileting habbits. First off he started pooing outside of his litter tray; Now i'm not sure if this is because he was stressed or because he knew that at the time Poppy was eating it (Gross) But gradually he started weeing on the the floor (only ever on the Lino) and then the bed!

    It has been 8/9 months now and he is still doing it. I have tried; Back to basics with litter training. In a room with a litter tray, food, water, toys... Changing the litter, multiple litter trays, moving the litter trays, putting his poo back in the litter tray, giving him an area that the dogs cant access round the clock attention putting Lino in the litter tray... but all to NO avail

    The thing is, he LOVES the dogs and the cats too - i had a red Persian and never had this trouble and I'm sure it behavioral and not medical but il take him to the vets at the weekend just to make sure.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated - He wee'd on the bed twice yesterday and the bedroom floor - now barring all the cats from the bedroom which is unfair to the others but I really don't want to be wee'd on again in the night!

    PLEASE help :001_smile:

  2. Cazzer

    Cazzer PetForums VIP

    Feb 1, 2010
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    Hi Jamie, know exactly what you are going through. Had exactly the same with our ragdoll Beau. {Well he would spray everywhere and pee on bed, but he was ok with his poos, but he was also very vicious}. Swear he would wait until I was in bed as well and then wee on me. Sometimes this would be a couple of times a night. Trouble was if we shut the bedroom door he would then cry so loudly we would be awake all night.

    Firstly as you say rule out any medical causes with the vet. Possibly could be cystitis but not sure if that would cause him to poo outside of tray as well.

    Then you could try feliway diffusers, zyklene, bach flower remedies. All of these people have had some success with for behavioural issues.

    Have to say though none of these worked for Beau. We tried for over a year to make things work. Our vet convinced us it was stress in our multi cat home and that he would be fine as an only cat. We rehomed him and of course he has been fine ever since.

    BTW please put up a picture. I adore persians although only have 2 at moment [seal colourpoints].
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