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Bladder/Kidney problems

Discussion in 'Cat Health and Nutrition' started by x_Bruno_x, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. x_Bruno_x

    x_Bruno_x PetForums Junior

    Jul 24, 2009
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    i have a beautiful long haired moggy called frankie. Iv had him over 2 & half years now. hes approaching his 3rd birthday this xmas, when he was 1 he had problems peeing, spent ages in his box just trying to wee.. After a whole day at the vets the vet told us he has crystals in his bladder that were caused by not enough acid in the bladder which caused an infection. He had to have special SD urinal food for 3 months.
    Now frankie was perfect up untill febuary just gone, when i noticed he was acting strange the same as last time but this time it was a rapid deterioration. within 4 hours he was trying to pee everywhere, in the washing machine, the dryer, the sink! he wouldnt eat or drink nothing so rushed him to my vets where i was told he had a blockage, he had to stay in for 3 days while they tred to get a tube in and see whats wrong.
    3 days later they said hed improved and was allowed home, he wasnt my frankie he was thin, drenched in pee from where his bladder was leaking a little and he didnt want to no me, now this is a cat whose spent every day of his life since 8 weeks with me, hes my shadow.
    I was horrified to wake up the next morning to find him slumped in a pool of blood hardly moving, i rang up the vets and ran up there with him in a blanket still in my pjs, his bladder had given way, he had a build up of protein stuck again, another week in hospital, £2700 worth of care and he was finally allowed home fixed this time, hes a daily dosage of cystaid and daily food of CD. He was lucky his kidneys wernt affected but was told next time we wouldnt be so lucky. We nearly lost him that night, we was told he could have died :( . Something concerning me is he was a beautiful shade of brown now hes going grey and i dont mean just a bit i mean loads! i dunno whats causing it just seems and looks like a old cat you wouldnt think he was nearly 3. should i consult the vet and ask if its ment to do that?

    wow i wrote alot, sorry lol
  2. ambercat

    ambercat PetForums Senior

    May 4, 2009
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    Sorry to hear about Frankie's problems, its very scarey when they have a blockage, and as you've found out, once they've had one it can recur - despite prescription diets. It happened to my Ben about 5 or 6 yrs ago, luckily he didnt block again, I changed his diet to raw and high meat wet foods and he's been fine ever since.

    There are lots of factors involved in bladder problems like these, one of the main contributing factors is stress, others include eating only dry food (or wet food that contains cereals/grains/veggies), lack of exercise, and being overweight. Whilst Frankie may not appear stressed, cats are very good at hiding how they feel and its only when something like this happens you realise they've been stressed. My Ben appeared to be very laid back, but when I look back I realised that it started with him when there was a lead up to a house move and then the subsequent house move - obviously affected him more than I thought.

    I never bothered with the prescription diet, onced I'd done all my research, I simply changed his diet as I said before, to raw and high meat wet foods (with no grains/cereals etc). By this time things had settled down with the new house and he was his old self again. Hopefully the Cystaid will help Frankie's bladder and you could also plug in some Feliway diffusers as additional help Is he doing ok now?

    I would definitely ask your vet about the coat colour change. :)
  3. goulash

    goulash PetForums Junior

    Jan 11, 2009
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    Bruno what a sad tale. I really feel for you and for frankie. I've just been through similar with Ratty, but not to the same extent. She had trouble peeing, was weeing blood, had an op, etc - but it was very recently and her stitches only come out tomorrow.

    Also experiencing similar with her ignoring us, and being easily freaked-out. She's definitely a little greyer now than a fortnight ago (she's black). Cats never react well to all this stress, and she's been really suffering with it (developed a nervous tick, too, and what seems like hayfever). With all you and frankie have been through, don't worry too much about the fur! He's fixed, and he's still with you
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