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#BlackCat Friday Discounts! Check for offers and latest products

Discussion in 'Cat Classifieds' started by Medran, Nov 23, 2018.

  1. Medran

    Medran PetForums Senior

    Jun 10, 2014
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    With everyone going mad over BlackFriday offers this year we couldn't resist creating one with a twist! We call it the #BlackCatFriday to celebrate all of the beautiful black cats out there!

    Her Meowjesty Nubia has kindly organised a 12% discount on all orders placed from today through to Tuesday!

    Simply enter Nubia12 during checkout to have 12% taken off*! But that's not all... ALL Orders regardless of value will receive a free Nubia keyring and those spending over £30 (excluding postage) will receive a random item from Nubia's purrsonal black cat range as an extra gift!

    Choose from fabulous gifts for your friends such as our cat night lights , wallets and more or stationary and much more!

    If you are looking for gifts for your cat we have a large selection of toys, teasers and felt caves on offer.

    And of course this is also a great opportunity to stock up on essentials such as the calming products and heatpad by PetRemedy or a food and snacks from Almo Nature.

    We have also launched pre-orders for the Pet Pointer GPS Tracker which is the lightest pet tracker. Please note that preorders can't be combined with buy it now items but the discount can still be used! PetPointer devices are estimated to arrive with us the end of November / 1st week of December. A full review of the device can be found by renowned Cat Behaviourist Clare Hemington on our blog.

    Lastly, if you'd like to meet us in person we are running the following stalls in December:

    Saturday 1st: FUSS Christmas Fair, Hither Green, London. Our third appearance at this event which is local to us.

    Saturday 8th: Spoticat Cat Show (TICA), Coventry, Warwickshire.
    This event is a 3 day event from the 7th – 9th but we will be there on the Saturday 8th only

    Saturday 15th: Maidstone & Medway Cat Club (GCCF), Bracknell, Berkshire.
    And don't forget if you'd like your cats to be featured on our Blog drop us an email. :)

    *Discount excludes third-party items dispatched directly by the manufacturer such as jerry's cat caves and mypurrfect gift boxes.



    Our newest Shop products:
    PetPointer GPS Tracker

    Ever wanted to know the secret life of your pets? With PetPointer you are able to do so!

    Actual weight is 28grams, weight listed in additional info field is the packed product.

    Pre-order now at a special price. Orders will be dispatched in December
    Supercat Cat Night Light
    Say hello to this adorable cat night light. It stays by your side and brings brightness, warmth and happiness to you or your child.

    You can change the light colour by tapping on the Kitten or you can poke this little cat to use it as a stress relief. Touch it, feel it, and have fun with it!

    What sets our night lights apart from the competition is their unique "safety dome" that covers the LED and battery inside the lights. Even if your child pats the cat too hard there is no chance for them to damage the electronics or battery as these are shielded by the plastic dome.

    Exclusively available via Katzenworld in the UK! Can be dispatched worldwide.
    Pet's Welfare - Waterproof Orthopedic Pet Bed
    The Pet's Welfare orthopedic pet bed is made to provide all the comfort and support needed to give your pet the best sleep of their life. Your pet will have the support they need for their spine, muscles and joints while your pet rests and relaxes. This bed works by taking your pets weight and distributing it, which helps to relieve pressure and tension on the joints. Orthopedic beds will reduce any tossing or turning, while increasing the overall comfort your pet experienced during their rest.
    Cat Teaser "Goldregen" by Catlovin
    The Cat Teaser "Goldregen" features fun rustling cushions to attract your cat for the purrfect photo opportunity or regular playtime.
    Medium Sized Cat Leather Teaser by Catlovin (GOLD ONLY)
    A beautiful and fun cat teaser featuring leather tassels. Please note we now only have them available in GOLD
    Leather Teaser Minions by Catlovin
    If you are looking for a short and durable teaser for a quick play session at home or a teaser that can easily be taken to your next cat show look no further as this teaser is purrfect for playing with your feline friend on any occasion!

    Handmade in Germany using only the highest quality material available.
    BoomBooms by Catlovin
    These fluffy flying objects will certainly provide your cat or kitten with hours of fun!
    Leather Cat Teaser "Eiszapfen" by Catlovin
    This leather tassel Cat Teaser is ideal for cats and kittens that really like to dig and claw into their "prey".
    Cat Teaser "Fidji" by Catlovin
    This special handcrafted teaser by Catlovin features long feather boas and PomPom tentacles for extra fun!
    Cat Teaser "Green Lotus" by Catlovin
    With an extra durable wire and hardy feather head, this teaser is set to withstand most playing conditions. The Lotus teaser features extra long feathers and deco pearls.
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