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    Hi Guys, new to this and not sure how this actually works. Apologies in advance.
    I have 2 young black moors, recently 1 of them acquired a cloudy eye, which I have tried treatment for, but over the last 24 hours his eye has got a red sore around it. I have no idea what this is and what I can do to help it heal. I really don’t want him to lose the sight in his eye.

    The ammonia and nitrate levels are zero. I have had the fish for 8 months. Tank is filtered and I do a 50% water change twice a week as tank is 64L.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    I don't keep goldfish myself, but I'll try to give some general advice until one of our goldfish-keepers comes along to help. I'm tagging @magpie and @kittih as they're the goldfish experts on here :)

    What have you been treating it with? I'd personally suggest Melafix as it promotes healing and prevents further infection while also being gentle on the filter. However, you also need to work out what's caused the problem. Are there any sharp objects in the tank he may have injured himself on, or any possibility that the other fish may have been bullying him?

    Also, you'll need a bigger tank long-term, even despite the double water changes, as there's not currently enough space for two full-grown goldfish.
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    I fully agree with @NaomiM post. Melafix or Interpet no 5 liquisel general tonic may help.

    Cloudy eyes are often a sign of poor water quality or a physical injury.

    You say your ammonia and nitrite are zero. Is that with a liquid test kit or strips. If the latter these can sometimes be inaccurate and even very low levels of toxins can cause issues especially if exposure is long term.

    If water quality is fine then consider whether there are any abrasive objects the fish may have damaged their eye on. Other goldfish can also bully or harass others and cause injuries. The medications mentioned help to support the fish and reduce bacteria so should help along with good water quality.

    If it gets worse then you may need more specific medications. Treating with these before a definitely diagnosis is not recommended though.

    Cloudy eye is common in goldfish as well as other species. It can have quite a few causes including oodinium and cryptocaryon but often it's caused by unknown bacteria. The melafix or no 5 tonic will help with this.

    Adding a small amount of aquarium salt (don't use any other type) as per directions on pack can also help.

    As Naomi says the tank is much to small for your fish and they will soon if not already need a much bigger tank. At about a year old fancy goldfish can easily reach between golf and cricket ball size and like all gold fish are very messy fish and huge waste producers. I would normally say for two healthy goldfish you need at least 200 litres. Some would say a little smaller. I also recommend over filtering due to the amount of waste produced. An external filter is a good investment.
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