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bitter-sweet end to keeping zebra finches

Discussion in 'Bird Chat' started by Phoenix24, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. Phoenix24

    Phoenix24 PetForums Senior

    Apr 6, 2013
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    All three have now gone to a very nice aviary owned by a very nice man. I'm sad to see them go, but when I first got my zebra hen (found exhausted in a car park) I did always -albeit half-heartedly - intend to find her a more suitable home. I didn't expect I would grow so fond of her that I would end up getting her a male for company, and I certainly didn't intend on them having offspring (despite their disastrous record of parenthood).

    My room is so quiet now, it will take me some time to adjust to the lack of 'beeping' noises that has become the background to my life at home. I'm not sure I will miss the baby hen - she really didn't like me and if i'm honest I really didn't like her. But the rescue female I will miss, she was good company and not too noisy or messy, and was relatively laid back. The male - I will miss his antics, but maybe not the stress he caused by all his obsessive nest building behaviours!!

    Anyway, there we are. I am now pet-bird free. It only took me a year, but i'm sure it was all worth it.
  2. Prowl

    Prowl Guest

    Most easyiest bird to keep though the zebra finch is has to my favourite very easy to breed because they are so prolific and very hardy they can servive the coldest winters ^^

    I really enjoyed the time I had with mine. I like the white ones best.
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