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Big dog -v- 2 little dogs....

Discussion in 'Dog Chat' started by lozb, May 1, 2011.

  1. lozb

    lozb PetForums VIP

    May 31, 2010
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    And who won?

    Just out with Baxter before, there's a field near us with 2 horses in & we've walked past there heaps of times. Seen 2 little jrt type dogs before and they bark... and bark... and bark...

    Today - one of them was in the 'unenclosed' bit and the other was in the bit which has chicken wire round it.

    First, the 'loose' one came bark bark barking up to Baxter - got very close and then ran back off again.....Baxter lay down, tail between his legs, looking very confused...

    Second, the one behind the chicken wire came bark bark barking up and Baxter didn't know what to do with himself! I've never seen him frightened before, but he was! :eek:

    I managed to get him on his way with plenty of encouragement... though he kept looking back to check these two terrors weren't following us! :rolleyes:

    Didn't expect to see him afraid of 2 little (very, compared to him!) dogs.

    Have you got a big dog who's afraid of little ones??
  2. GoldenShadow

    GoldenShadow PetForums VIP

    Jun 15, 2009
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    Not afraid but wary, yes!

    Particularly anything brown and white which is smaller than him or cockers :lol:

    My godmum has a springer who has short legs and is more cocker height who is brown and white. She has told Rupert off a few times she's just a bossy thing and whenever he sees a brown and white dog of smaller size he's a bit like :eek: its Chloe its Chloe is she going to get me :eek:

    And he's had a couple cockers tell him off (and rightly so) for getting up too close. So instead of being more careful in how he approaches he is just more careful of cockers :rolleyes:

    Why is it always dogs who are smaller that hate dogs who are bigger?! SO many times Rupert has met a dog, they sniff etc and BAM it goes for him. Its not his body language as 75% the time people go 'oh yeah he/she isn't really good with other dogs' its like yeah thanks for the warning :rolleyes:

    Bless him, nothing wrong with being a little wary of little dogs with sharp teeth! :D
  3. sailor

    sailor PetForums VIP

    Feb 5, 2010
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    Awww bless Baxter

    Sailor isn`t affraid as such, but he seems confused and cautious of little dogs, especially the yappy variety lol

    On a path walk one day, we was approaching this garden with a 4 ft wall around it and all we could see was this little dogs head popping up over the wall and disapearing again. It made me laugh :D

    Sailor spotted the dogs bobbing head too and took great interest in it, so when we got closer to the wall, I let Sailor look over it to get a better view of the dog on springs ... but what neither of us was expecting, was when the dog next jumped up to look over the wall, he saw Sailor and bit his nose :eek:
    It wasn`t barking or growling or anything, just jumping up and down, as if it was trying to look over the wall.

    Sailor was up against the wall, with his back paws on the path, front paws on the top of the wall and this little dog hanging off his nose :blink:
    Luckily it let go pretty quickly and Sailor , in shock, looked across to me as if to say WTF :blink: ... he was just completely perplexed at what the dog was doing and why the hell it had bit his nose like that.

    I pulled Sailor off the wall and continued to walk on, but Sailor was still in shock i think as he kept looking at me puzzled and looking back behind him all the way up the road, til we turned a corner and the walled garden was no longer in view.
  4. thedogsmother

    thedogsmother PetForums VIP

    Aug 28, 2008
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    I remember being in the park when Henrick was younger (fully grown but young) and he got chased round the field several times by a bichon, he had his tail between his legs and was yelping in fear. The owners thought it was hillarious and couldnt see why I was telling them to stop their dog nipping mine, I wonder if it would have been as funny if he had been chasing their little prince round the field. Baxter is such a cutie though I can just imagine his little mind whirling round wondering why the little dogs were angry with him.
  5. catz4m8z

    catz4m8z PetForums VIP

    Aug 27, 2008
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    My 3 just met a Lab puppy in the park and it was hysterical. (my little ones are quite scared of big breed pups as they can be to bouncy).
    However the Lab puppy was scared too!! All 4 of them were running up to say hello then quickly running away, daft beggars!!:rolleyes:
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