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hello ,i have been using this site from the start but never got round to introducing my self my love is staffordshire bull terriers
had my first stafford 20 years ago she was a red ,she had 1 litter but i found it hard to part with my pups so kept a dog & bitch so my family was me my husband two young boys & 3 staffys they lived with us all their lives
next was my bull dog charlie (he is nearly 11 & still going strong)
but the house was not a home with out a stafford !
we have a white pied bitch now 3 ,but ive fallen for the blue staffords
are first was dog he turned out so well he is now a stud dog ,so my dream was to breed we now have three blue bitches
so i have a total of 6 dogs
they are all part of the family this seems a normal way of life as we were used to living with two kids & 4 dogs for many years
my sons now have moved out so there is plenty of time & room for my new additions both my husband & I are mad & mad about our dogs.
we think this is a great place to share ideas & experiences

Hi Growler!
Yes - it is very difficult to part with them....I am just trying not to think about it. But I know several cat breeders who had to stop brederng as they was not able to part with babies and accummulated to many...
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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