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Best puppy food?!

Discussion in 'Dog Health and Nutrition' started by Tamara Smith, Jul 8, 2019.

  1. Tamara Smith

    Tamara Smith PetForums Newbie

    Jul 8, 2019
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    We recently just got a Border Collie puppy. He is 9 weeks old. I really have no idea on what food he should be having in regards to what is best for him as there are so many competitive brands. Could anyone suggest any good brands please. Thank you :)
  2. Nonnie

    Nonnie PetForums VIP

    Apr 15, 2009
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    You need to keep him on what the breeder was feeding for a good few weeks before you think about changing over. He will have a lot to contend with in regards to a stressful new environment, vaccinations, working, flea treatment etc and theres a good chance he will have an upset tummy regardless.

    There is no such thing as best, just what suits your dog and your budget.
  3. danielled

    danielled Guest

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