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Best option for a new companion

Discussion in 'Rabbits' started by GoldenOldie, Apr 14, 2017.

  1. GoldenOldie

    GoldenOldie PetForums Newbie

    Jun 4, 2016
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    Hi all, I've kept rabbits for decades now and they have all lived separately but next to each other, so I've never felt any were too lonely.
    Now I have reduced my numbers a lot and have one inside and one outside. The outside bun unfortunately has E.cuniculi and can't mix with other rabbits in case he infects them :( he seems very happy though and gets lots of garden time.
    My house bun Simba I fear may be lonely, he is a neutered boy, about 2 years old and has a big cage plus permanent playpen & toys. But he doesn't seem to *do* much during the day. I work and the house is quiet. Sometimes I have to stay away overnight because of work and although someone comes and checks on him and I have an auto-feeder and radio on a timer, it must be quite lonely for him.

    Anyway, on to my question. What is the best option (in your experiences) for a companion. I could get a neutered rescue bun and try bonding them, would a male or female be better??
    The other option is to get a young rabbit, and neuter them when he/she is old enough. Could I start bonding them before they are neutered, supervised?

    He is usually placid with me, but despite being neutered a year ago, he can occasionally start 'buzzing' around my arms/legs, and if I put my hand in his space too quickly, he can grunt/lunge (although never bites). This makes me think he is quite territorial and unlikely to accept a companion too readily.

    Does anyone have any advice? Thanks
  2. Georgiamerrillxx

    Georgiamerrillxx PetForums Newbie

    Apr 29, 2017
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    My advice would be to always get an opposite gender to what you already have because the best rabbit pair would be a boy and a girl as they get on the best. I have heard things about males fighting till death so I would be very careful if you want to introduce your rabbit to a new companion do it very slowly and get advice form pet shop workers or vets. It's always begs for a rabbit to have a companion as the begs company would be one of its own kind I hope I helped you out let me know how it goes and I would recommend getting a companion for your rabbit!
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