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Best Brush to Groom for Best in Show

Discussion in 'Cats Shows and Events' started by RebeccaMunday, Mar 21, 2019.

  1. RebeccaMunday

    RebeccaMunday PetForums Newbie

    Mar 21, 2019
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    Hi all

    My British shorthair cat is old enough to join the show circuit.

    I was wondering what grooming brush experienced competitors use in preparation for shows.

    I also need recommendations on tools to deal with annual shedding.
  2. spotty cats

    spotty cats PetForums VIP

    Jul 24, 2012
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    Your breeder should be able to help with what tools work best for her cats. Still no guarantee you’ll win best in show though ;)
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  3. BritishBilbo

    BritishBilbo I work with cats + I live with cats. I like cats.

    Jul 19, 2015
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    Your breeder is defo the one to ask, you don’t want to ruin the dense crisp texture of a BSH coat.

    When I took my brits I gave them a quick once over with a slicker brush to get any loose hairs out and that was about it. I never messed with a bsh coat too much.
  4. David C

    David C PetForums Senior

    Sep 6, 2010
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    Yup don't over brush or you will strip out all the undercoat making the coat flat , A damp hand works wonders for getting out all loose hair, just stroke them and it will come out, Also allot of breeders do a bran bath. Go on youtube, you will find loads of video's of BSH having a bran bath as part of show prep doing it the week before the show
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