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Bella has ringworm

Discussion in 'Cat Health and Nutrition' started by jane dececio, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. jane dececio

    jane dececio Guest

    I was wondering if anybody has any experience of ringworm. I have eventually found out that the rash that has been driving me crazy for the last 3 weeks is caused by our kitten having ringworm. It was diagnosed at vets with a uv lamp which caused poor Bella to glow like a martian. I have been given anti-fungal shampoo to bath both of our kittens with but vet was not keen to prescribe any medicine and said the shampoo should do the trick if i use twice a week for a month or so. I am not sure that this is a good enough treatment as he seemed a bit vague. Has anybody else managed to get rid of ringworm with shampoo alone? Both kittens seem well in themselves but I dont want anyone else to get this rash as it is really itchy and painful.
  2. little_miss_kitty

    little_miss_kitty PetForums Senior

    Dec 1, 2008
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    Lola, my kitten was sold to me with ringworm and I spent months and months and various vets vistits and tests to get rid of it.

    (see my thread here....there's some excellent advice re: ringworm)

    I would suggest going back to the vets as I don't think shampoo alone is strong enough to deal with the problem and once you have ringworm its very hard to get rid of as its an airborne fungal.

    My vet precribed liquid (really sorry..i cannot remember the name..i'm off to teh vets tonight so I'll ask them what it was called) that I had to give Lola and the other cats in the house every day for a week i think it was, and then 2 weeks off, then a week on, 2 weeks off etc ...this went on for about 2 months until they were all clear of ringworm

    EDIT: I've just noticed that you have 5 month old british shorthair kittens...did you get Bella from worcestershire?
  3. jane dececio

    jane dececio Guest

    Thanks for your reply I will definately phone the vet and ask for a prescription. Have found a treatment on line called intrafungol which says to dose during weeks 1, 3 and 5 so this could be what your vet prescribed. I have read your very long story and sounds like the breeder knew what she was doing!!!! I bought mine from a different breeder but am sure Bella had ringworm when we bought her as my symptoms started 10 days after we brought her home, and that is the incubation period. We have no other pets apart from the kittens so she couldnt have caught it since we got her. I knew she had been poorly before we picked her up ... she apparently had a reaction to her flu jab and therefore came to us 2 weeks later than planned. She didnt have any patches of fur missing or scabs but her tail did look a bit stragly and she looked as if she had some catching up to do. The breeder has said she will get all of her cats tested ... but as she has so many I find this a bit hard to believe. Like you say there is no question of parting with her as she is now our baby ... but the disruption and upset we are going through is a nightmare. Our lovely bundles of fluff which I looked forward to getting for months and previously spent their time being petted and climbing all over us have now been limited to a kitchen and hallway and we only touch them wearing rubber gloves. They must wonder what they have done wrong!!!
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