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Bekoff: anthropocentric thought; slaughterhouses + increased-crime assoc

Discussion in 'Dog Training and Behaviour' started by leashedForLife, May 30, 2010.

  1. leashedForLife

    Nov 1, 2009
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    Animals, kids, and slaughterhouse effects on crime: Some recent findings | Psychology Today

    re the article:
    the human-centered pattern of thought in urban children is *not* contrary to prior research, automatic or universal -
    but cultural influences + access to the natural world have huge impacts.
    (like practically everyone else in a biology-related field, i am worried about the green-deficit of modern children.)

    children as young as FIVE have already internalized their parents human-oriented bias - so early-learning is crucial,
    well-before school years.

    also -
    as the number of slaughterhouse employees in a community increases, so does violent crime.
    * does working in an abattoir make one more callous to suffering?
    * does a slaughterhouse simply attract less empathic people as workers?


    IMO -
    the empathy that we humans can develop toward non-humans is something that needs to be taught + nurtured;
    a child without empathy will not understand that poking the dogs eye, or twirling their pet-rat by the tail, is PAINFUL -
    they don;t get it; its fun for them, so whats the problem?

    we cannot simply assume that children, who are born seeing little distinction between themselves + other living things,
    will retain that sympathy into childhood, let alone into adulthood.
    empathy is not just mushy, gushy sentimentality -
    without any empathy for NON-humans, we also lose compassion for our fellow humans - and for the natural world,
    our home, which provides us with everything we have now, or could have in future.

    even for cubicle-dwellers who think milk comes from sani-boxes and ramen grow on trees,
    U have to have sun for the ramen-trees to bear, and rain to slake their thirst. ;)

    --- terry
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