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I wonder if anyone can help, I have a 125 litre tank fluval with fancy goldfish.

Do have power cuts, does anyone know of a battery operated air filter that
can be used in case of this type of emergency.

Is there anything that, should there be a power cut then the battery one would automatically come on.

Thanks :crazy:

Love my furry, feathered and finned family
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I don't think an emergency filter would help, as it's the good bacteria in the filter that make it effective, and they need the filter to be constantly running or they start to die off. However, you can get battery powered air pumps which you could put next to your filter to keep the water moving over your filter and keep the bacteria alive, and also add oxygen to the water for the fish. I found this one which says it comes on automatically if the mains power fails: RESUN back up AC/DC battery air pump aquarium ACD-8800A | eBay

If you have frequent long power cuts in your area, it might be worth investing in a small generator to power the filter in the event of a long outage.

Here's a link on power cuts and aquariums: Power cuts
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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