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Right, after being asked on quite a few occasions if there is any way to order smaller bags of barley rings I thought that I would start to get a few bags in so that I can split them to sell on to people so that they don't have to buy 15kg's all at once when they only have a couple of rabbits

My price list is as follows:

250g - £1.50 + postage
500g - £2.50 + postage
1kg - £4.50 + postage

If anyone wants an amount I haven't listed just ask and I'll work out the price :)

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blimey prices are steep as a 15kg sack is only about £10 they will be making at least £70+ PER SACK!!!!
If you wish to get a 15kg sack for yourself then please feel free to do so, I'm not stopping you at all ;)
Oh also if you can find anywhere that sells the same amounts for less then feel free to go there ;)

Hopefully you are seeing a pattern here, basically I don't force anyone to purchase what I sell, and I don't extort money out of people.
Sooooooooooooooooooooooo if people wish to buy what I'm selling then great, if not then Oh well what a shame I have more to feed my animals ;)

Now please go and moan about something that actually matters, oh and maybe brush up on your maths because with bags and packaging material I won't make anything close to £70 a bag :rolleyes:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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