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Bah! Back to kitty lockdown.

Discussion in 'Cat Chat' started by one, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. one

    one PetForums Newbie

    Mar 1, 2009
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    So with the vacs, spaying and neutering finally done our 3 have finally been let out! For the last week they have been out and it's been lovely not having to guard the windows and doors all the time, plus they really seemed to like going out. They come back when called and it's nice for them to just be out and be able to do what cats do naturally, it was all good until yesterday...

    Flash (who is about 6 months old) was playing with leaves in the garden just like he normally does and I spotted another cat about 3-4ft away from him which had just come out of the bushes, he turned round just as psycho kitty jumped him. The only good thing was that his mum shadow had steped in and chased psycho kitty away before I got outside, We took him straight to the vets to be looked at as psycho kitty had clawed his eye. :(

    He had to go back to the vets again this morning so they could take another look at him, the wound where the other cats claw pieced his eye has now seeled and the pressure in his eye is normal, his pupil is still big but the vet said that is to be expected but to keep an eye on him. Have to take him back for another checkup next week but am a bit more optimistic that his eye will be ok. Poor thing he is such a friendly chap too but at least he seems brighter today in himself.

    So anyhow, it's kitty lockdown time again! Have let mum out this morning but both the kids are staying in again for now, will prob let them out again once he gets the all clear but we will be keeping lookout in case psycho kitty returns to our garden again.
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