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Baby bunnies!

Discussion in 'Wildlife Chat' started by Aurelia, May 2, 2011.

  1. Aurelia

    Aurelia PetForums VIP

    Apr 29, 2010
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    A little garden wildlife update from Lincolnshire this spring.

    It seems everything has gone into overdrive in the last week. We have seen fledgling Sparrows, Collard doves, Mistle Thrush (5 young were bouncing around the lawn today!), green finches and we have heard Goldfinch young and Great tit young in the trees. We have also seen Blackbirds in abundance, I think we have 4 pairs in the garden this year :eek: They are fighting a heck of a lot while scavenging for worms to feed their young. We have also had Carrion Crow coming to the bird table, plenty of Starlings have this week discovered the water fall, and after a few good tries finally negotiated landing so they could have a bath.

    Also our Mallard couple have stepped things up a gear. They are seen one at a time in the garden at the moment. So I think they are brooding eggs :D Hopefully we will see little fluffy chicks before long on the pond. I just hope the Stoat doesn't turn up and take them one by one like it did the other year with the Moorhen chicks :scared:

    So anyway ... yeah, I love this time of year. Thinking about it all right now helps lift my spirits.

    Adore the babies with me .... We have counted 6 young of the same age, you can see 4 in the video. They are all really dark in colour and the other two are a sandy colour. Not your usual wild bunny colours that's for sure!

    Here we go ...

  2. Beagle Mafia

    Beagle Mafia Guest

    They are adorable :001_wub: thanks for sharing :)

    I've found a perfect place at the park where I can sit and watch the bunnies playing...it's so peaceful. :)
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