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As new hutch for sale notts

Discussion in 'Small Animal Classifieds' started by AnnC, Sep 24, 2013.

  1. AnnC

    AnnC PetForums Member

    Apr 18, 2009
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    In totally pristine condition having only been used for four weeks as temporary accommodation for chicks.

    Upstairs There is open pen and sleeping compartment with tray for easy cleaning and removal divider. Strong mesh panel with integral door to allow handler access. Roof opens up and is supported by two arms. There is a floor door that can be fastened open to allow free access to below or can be put down to form part of the floor over the ramp. The ramp has a high friction surface promoting animal safety and leads to -


    Is a run open to grass but safe and secure. Mesh front and side panels with integral doors on left and right sides of mesh gives handler access whilst maintaining animal safety.

    There is a high friction surfaced ramp to enable safe access of run below.
    The hutch is completely clean, fresh and ready to go.

    Depth 39.5cm [front to back] 15.5 inches
    Width 112cm/ 44 inches
    Height 93 cm / 36.5inches


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