arthiritis horse..?

Discussion in 'Horse Health and Nutrition' started by louise2017, Jan 2, 2018.

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    My 7 year old cob was diagnosed with arthritis in his hocks just over a year ago. He doesn't really look or act sore (apart from refusing to move when being ridden some days) which if he does do, he gets untacked and I just play with him in the school a bit.He will be the first horse to canter around the field wanting to play. He was given steroid injections when diagnosed and due them again this month (hopefully).He has to be stabled until January (yard rules)

    Has anyone had their horse treated with steroid injections when they have been stabled for months afterwards..? Not sure if they NEED turnout after.

    Anyone else have a horse in work with arthritis..? He has been out of work a while now but hoping to get back into it with him.Just hacking and little workouts in the school a couple days a week.
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    Hi - sorry to hear about your cob :(

    You could try magnetic therapy boots/rugs - I have in the past and find them effective. I've used both Premier Equine and Bioflow - both have very good products.