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Anyone Heard Of 'collie Toe'

Discussion in 'Dog Chat' started by amanda460, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. amanda460

    amanda460 PetForums Junior

    Apr 10, 2009
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    Hi all - hoping someone might have heard of this condition and can provide some advice.
    My mams collie works on a local farm about 3 times a week and is fabulous to say the least (i'm bias of course), she is walked otherwise 2 times a day but goes probably about 4 miles on each walk. She was seen by a local vet as we'd noticed that odd occasions she'd limp and sometimes just lie down as though something was wrong with one of her back legs, more so after a vigorous session with the sheep and she was diagnosed with arthritis in her toes on her back left foot.

    However, the farm owner has looked today and he says she's got 'Collie Toe' - apparently a condition that happens when they are continually swinging around in different directions, they apparently spin on their toes often rather than lifting their feet and turning ??? The farmer is ringing a brother about what the solution is for this but I wondered if anyone had heard of this or had any experience of this.

    When not working, the collie enjoys playing, one game being 'spin' inwhich she grabs her rope pull and literally she spins around swinging it up - I dont suppose this game will help if the condition is linked to them spinning on their toes.
    Any advice would be appreciated.
    Thankyou x
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