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I've got a 4 yo and a 8 yofoxy, and they're both pretty well behaved, but my foxy is one anxious little guy. He's also getting old so any changes to routine or stressful situations really freak him out. He often whinges at the back door if he's locked out and he can be a real psycho when I first get home or if he can't be near me. He can't stand the staffy, despite them being together for 4 years! and he won't run and play in the yard because she jumps on him trying to play, then he growls and tries to warn her off and they sometimes end up in a fight. He's just one of those little dogs who loves his mummy, his routine and attention, none of which he receives as much now my toddler is around. He wants to be inside all the time, and I'm happy for them to come in some of the time, but how can I teach him it's ok to be outside and not to sulk at the door. Interestingly they both happily sleep outside at night without a peep!
Is this simply a routine thing? Am I sending the wrong signals to him?
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