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Another victim of Giardia :(

Discussion in 'Cat Health and Nutrition' started by bobachewie, Jan 24, 2020.

  1. bobachewie

    bobachewie PetForums Newbie

    Jan 24, 2020
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    I have been going through a lot of threads on this forums before I decided to create one myself.

    We have two cats - Boba and Chewie.

    Boba is a domestic tabby rescue, been living in our home for the past 3 years, she is 3.5 yrs old; Chewie is our newly adopted strayed kitten, very hyper tortie, joined our family around 2.5 months ago and currently 4 months old.

    Chewie has a sensitive digestive system and her stool has always been hard and sometimes slightly softer at the end. Around a month ago, one night she started vomiting bile and undigested food, also followed by watery greenish diarrhea. We took her to the vet immediately and after doing a microscope test on her stool, vet discovered a huge amount of campylobacter. She was administered with an antibiotic for 5 days and symptoms cleared after her second day of medication, we completed the 5 days treatment.

    After around 2 weeks, her diarrhea came back again and this time has a slight orange tint to it, otherwise she is a very playful kitten with good appetite. We brought her back to the vet and this time they did another in-house microscope test and the vet "believes she saw some giardia cysts in her stool". She was holding a book and show me the picture of the cysts while telling me she saw something very similar, which is a round little microorganism. Ok - so we were prescribed with 7 days of metronidazole, panacur and pro-kolin. Lab test were not done, as vet said we can do the lab test after her treatment instead. As directed, I threw away all her litter and bleach the litter box twice per day or more as long as we see fresh stool in her box. She is also being crated as we need isolation from her and the resident cat. Things were better after the 7 days of treatment, her poop is now dark brown, has shape but sometimes slight moist that will stick on to the litter but its ok as long as she isnt creating a poop mess.

    Question - vet told us we SHOULD NOT bathe Chewie as it will create more stress and might give her a cold during this cold weather. We used baby wipes to clean her paws, back ear, fur and bum two times a day. I saw many people will bathe their kitten, should we do it ?

    We asked if Boba also need medication just in case she is also infected, but the vet said there's no need unless symptoms is showing. However we are worried that she is shedding cysts back into the environment while at the same time there's no symptoms showing. Vet did another microscope test for Chewie and she cannot see any cyst but only trace of campylobacter. Same day, we sent Boba and Chewie's stool for lab test and both are clear.

    Boba has been roaming around the house free while Chewie being crated. Recently Boba's stool is slight softer and not as healthy as I'd like it to be (TMI but she used to have firm, dark brown one line stool that doesnt really smell bad). But I notice her stool has been having a slight smell, lighter in colour, and have a lot of moist in it (TMI again, her stool will sometimes stain the scooping tool when I try to clean her litter box).

    I have been giving Protexin Synbiotic D-C probiotic to both cats daily as told by the vet. We will do another lab test again to see if they are both free of giardia. I would like to know if it is common that in-house microscope test will give a false positive for Giardia in cats' stool? Is it possible that the vet mistaken yeasts as cysts in the first microscope test she did? We are now consulting another vet hopefully can get more profession advice.

    Vet suggest we can let Chewie out now and have her play with Boba since both are clear from the lab test, I don't feel comfortable doing that yet but at the same time its heart breaking to see the playful girl staying in the crate or the confined room by herself most of the time, shes constantly crying for attention :(

    I am so tired and sick of worrying and feeling so anxious daily when i check out her litter box. i got a warning letter from my employer because i was late for work for the whole week due to sudden onset of no.2 from Chewie so I had to clean everything again before i leave the door. I neglected my social life and rush home everyday to check on them and I don't know how long i can do this for. Anyone who had Giardia in their household feel the same? :(((
  2. chillminx

    chillminx PetForums VIP

    Nov 22, 2010
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    Hello @bobachewie and welcome :)

    I am sorry to hear of all the problems you have been going through with the campylobacter and giardia infections. Having had campylobacteriosis myself, (caught from eating at a buffet lunch at a social event), I know it can be hard to shift. I remember being on a course of antibiotics for at least 2 weeks, possibly longer.

    Giardia can sometimes be hard to get rid of from the environment, the cysts can live outside the body and particularly love a damp atmosphere. It is good you are taking such good precautions, but I understand the constant cleaning etc can be stressful and exhausting.

    When we had a giardia infection at the Shelter years ago we used disposable litter trays. They are not cheap but were well worth the expense as they cut down on the work of cleaning and disinfecting of the plastic trays. Also, as plastic trays scratch so easily with cats' claws, one can't be certain there are no bacteria/micro-organisms trapped in the scratches in spite of being disinfected.

    These are the kind of trays we used,: (we threw them out about twice a day with the litter still in).


    I am sorry I don't know whether an in-house could give a false positive/negative for giardia in the stool. But I think it's unlikely a responsible vet would tell you the stool was clear of cysts unless he/she was certain of this.

    But if you are concerned you could always have another lab test done for peace of mind, of both cats stools. There is a lab which deals directly with the general public as well as with vets all over the UK. I have used them myself in the past to test my kittens stools when I had newly adopted them and they had some bowel problems.


    Download the Price List on PDF and scroll down to Page 25 "Microbiology" tests - you would probably need the Animal Faeces 2. But phone the customer helpline to check it includes the test for giardia. They are very helpful people. :) . Also you may need the separate test for Tritrichomonas foetus. See what the lab thinks...

    I hope both cats turn out to be clear of all infections. I am sure it will be a big relief for you. :)
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