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Bliddy, bliddy cantankerous old bag o' a dog!! I have trimmed and kept all our rough collies and never yet had to pay for the vet to do their claws.

Cali is now at the stage in her life that she really can't be bothered to get groomed etc any more, but as her uggs were starting to look rather manky I decided to just get on with the job of tidying up her feet.

All was going so well, front uggs trimmed and claws done, so quick turn round, back uggs trimmed and claws getting done. Last flaming claw and the stoopid auld besom pulled her foot away just as the trimmers cut into her claw. Yep, nicked the quick and boy does it bleed. Managed to get something to soak up the blood as i called the vet as it was pretty obvious it was not going to stop. They said to try flour to help clot the bleed, if that didn't work then to drive across to the vet....12 miles away. So I'm sat on the floor in the living room, with the dog upside down on her back pouring with blood and i'm supposed to get to the kitchen for flour?!?!?

So another phone call to my pal across the road, who was able to come across with some flour [oh and as she is a nurse...the next best thing to a vet!!]. Hey presto, it worked. We sat for a further 5 minutes for a blether and to allow Cali's claw time to 'set'. All good so far.....till she stood up and put weight on her feet......holy moley it was off again. By the time i called the vet it looked like i'd slaughtered a ruddy pig in the kitchen. Carried her through the house to the car dripping blood as we went.

By the time we got to Oldmeldrum, the boot of the car was clarted in blood, she had a bright red ugg and was most put out that she was just going to see the vet...again! It took him 5 seconds with the silver nitrate stick to stop the bleed. So another £60+ bill [she needed her joint relief stuff as well...i could do with the relief of a joint :s

Next time George wants the auld bags uggs trimmed....he can do 'em himself!

Just adds to the carp couple of days that i've been having :(
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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